Apply for the Student Engagement Advocate Program by Cengage Learning!

Looking to sharpen your business and presentation skills? Build your resume? AND get paid for it? If you’re interested in educating your campus on new and exciting Cengage Learning technology products, then you should apply for Cengage Learning’s Student Engagement Advocate Program!

What will you do as a Student Engagement Advocate?

  • Show-off our cool products: Meet with peers and faculty to conduct product demonstrations.
  • Be social: Hand out fun marketing collateral in high traffic areas on campus.
  • Sharpen your public speaking skills: Present to instructors, student groups and organizations.
  • Go viral: Post on your Social Media Accounts – program photos and contest or product information.

Download the PDF below for complete details and eligibility requirements:

If this sounds interesting and you’d like to join the 2014 Student Engagement Advocate Program, visit to apply.

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15 Responses to Apply for the Student Engagement Advocate Program by Cengage Learning!

  1. christopher ashley says:

    Yes I would like to help

  2. Garry Mallory says:

    I love CENAGAE

  3. Cynthia Hodges says:

    Sounds like a wonderful opportunity!

  4. Diana Wagner says:

    I just submitted my application. Sounds like a WONDERFUL opportunity!!

  5. Donald Naseef says:

    How much does this position pay per hour?

  6. Amanda White says:

    Would I be able to do this in the evenings?

    • Nicole Reinard says:

      Hi Amanda,

      Absolutely! In fact, we anticipate demos and surveys to be conducted at organizational or club meetings as well as class. Good luck!

  7. I think this a wonderful opportunity for students who enjoy the benefits of CengageBrain to help others find out the benefits of and learning tools for courses that use CengageBrain!

  8. Tamara Garner says:

    Are you allowed to work more than 3 hours a week?

    • Nicole Reinard says:

      Hi Tamara,

      Yes, the program asks for 3 hours but students can do more. In general, we’ve seen no more than 6 –it varies from week to week based upon their school schedule/tests/projects. Good luck!

  9. Elizabeth Wood says:

    Is there anything available that an out of state online student can do?

    • Nicole Reinard says:

      Hi Elizabeth,

      Unfortunately, online students will not be able to fulfill the obligations of a Student Engagement Advocate because they need to be on campus. Thank you for asking!

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