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Neil DeGrasse Tyson reboots Carl Sagan TV series Cosmos

Along with Bill Nye (who, according to reports from news sources, is his best friend), Neil DeGrasse Tyson is a voice championing science educator. While Nye duked it out with Creation Museum founder Ken Ham in a creationism vs. evolution debate (blogged about over on Questia), Tyson has recently made his foray into Nye’s old […]

Want to travel to Mars? The one way trip is not for Muslims, say Islamic leaders

Haven’t heard of the Mars One mission? A Dutch nonprofit (and potential reality show) is making plans to start a civilian Mars colony in 2024. While their plan for travel to Mars has met criticism from science bloggers who feel the plan is overly ambitious for the time frame they’ve established, on February 19, 2014, […]

DIY party ideas for St. Patrick’s Day for college students

If you’re on a dry campus, you’ll have to forego the green beer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t throw a great St. Patrick’s Day party. Besides, don’t you think St. Patrick, that plucky saint who legendarily chased the snakes out of Ireland, would approve of a little do it yourself? Check out these DIY […]

Alternative spring break: Benefits of volunteering or planning a staycation

So you’re looking ahead to spring break, but your budget does not support one of the awesome trips some of your peers are planning. You may not wind up on sandy beaches for your spring break, but you can look into the alternative spring break (ASB) opportunities offered on campus. There are many benefits to […]

According to Amazon: Books to read before you die

The lists come out every year. Sometimes more than once. “100 books to read before you die.” “100 novels everyone should read.” They’re filled with classic books, or just good books—according to the list compilers. Sometimes they come out as memes, and you can check off which books you’ve read (and see how you score […]

Kansas legislation to ban municipal broadband like Google Fiber, including college campuses

On campus, there’s probably easy-access Internet in every building. Maybe even high speed wi-fi. But while university-provided Internet for students is a modern day requirement for college life, it’s been slower to catch on with municipalities. As job searching becomes more and more an Internet-required task, those who have Internet from home have great advantages […]

How college students can avoid spring break travel scams

There may still be snow where you are, but it’s not too early to start planning your spring break travel. Unfortunately, some of those great deals you find online or through a little-known travel company may result in travel scams or outright fraud. You can protect yourself from some of the most common scams by […]

Ready for Valentine’s Day? Check out these DIY valentines ideas for college students

Valentine’s Day. It’s a hotly contested holiday: Is it a commercial way to exploit traditional romantic relationships? A way for florists and chocolatiers to bump up their annual sales? Or is it actually a positive celebration of romance that can expand beyond the hype and stereotype? However you celebrate – or ignore – the holiday, […]

Google acquisitions include Nest Labs smart home company and military robotics

Back in December, the Google acquisitions of several robotics companies, including military robotics producer Boston Dynamics, which created “Big Dog” and other YouTube favorite robots, created for the military, made the news to such an extent that even Stephen Colbert got in on the conversation in “Google’s robot acquisition.” Responding to what Google might want […]

Why college students should keep a journal while studying abroad

Ready for your semester away, and prepared for traveling abroad? In Ginny Gaylor’s January 10, 2014 post on Cengage Brain, she offered “Tips for traveling abroad—how to blend in,” so you know some of the dos and don’ts of foreign study. While you’re away, it’s a good idea to keep track of your experiences by […]