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Best astronomy apps for stargazing over summer break

It’s summer break, and you see a flash across the sky. A shooting star! But what if you’re not satisfied with just wishing? I love being able to identify exactly what I’m looking at in the summer sky, and I’ve always wanted to catch the Perseid Meteor Shower, an annual August astronomical event, as it […]

From iPhone to Google: Tech trends for college students

The wait is over! The Apple iPhone 6 is out, and the buzz has hit the Internet with whether this device is far superior to its predecessors—or competitors. Meanwhile, there’s an iOS 8 upgrade, the new iCloud drive is available on PC before Mac, Microsoft has purchased Minecraft, the Oculus Rift VR headset is hitting […]

Keep off the freshman 15: Eat right on campus

The freshman 15. It’s an ominous way to refer to those extra pounds you pack on as you start your college career. But no one is immune to weight gain, and it can be a challenge to eat right on campus. You can—and should!—exercise on campus, and you can check out tips from Ginny Gaylor […]

Tricks to wake up in the morning to make your 8 a.m. class

Summer, that glorious season when you have no classes, the sun stays up late, and you have no reason to wake up early, has come to a close. Now that you’re back on campus, it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee (even if it’s just from the cafeteria). If you’re having trouble adjusting your […]

A DIY guide to developing good study habits

Welcome back to campus! You’ve probably already had your first week or two of classes by now, and whether you’re starting your freshman year or you’re a graduating senior, now is the time to start developing good study habits for your semester. While plenty of campuses have tutoring and writing centers to help you organize […]

If you dislike washing your jeans, you’ll like this

Want to save some laundry money and help out the environment? Stop washing your jeans, says Chip Bergh, the CEO of Levi Strauss & Co. It seems like strange advice, but there are other ways you can kill germs — and stop the smell — from rising off of your Levis. For this and other life hacks, […]

Deciding on cell phones? Take a look at Apple iPhone 6, LG G3 or old school vintage

Forget high resolution and larger digital displays. Some folks are spending good money for old school vintage cell phones. Already connected to the world by tablets, laptops and other devices, there’s a trend of consumers opting to go back to the good old days, when phones could take a beating and go through the wash […]

How you can throw the best BBQ ever

In “BBQ tips and tricks—How to plan a cookout,” Ginny Gaylor here at the CengageBrainiac blog wrote on May 20, 2013, all about how to plan your cookout. “Nothing says fun quite like firing up the grill,” she noted, before giving tips on how to be a good host and what to do to prep […]

How racism remains to be prevalent in sports

The NBA and the NHL have been trending news lately, but not for the reasons either league would like. After racist comments made by Donald Sterling, owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, went viral, the NBA fined him and banned him from games for life. Within weeks of that decision, Boston Bruins fans took to […]

Movie streaming app Popcorn Time shut down

It’s 2 a.m. and you’re sick of studying for that final. Your brain needs time to recharge, and you really want to see that movie all your friends have been talking about. Problem? It’s too recent to be available on Netflix or Amazon Instant Video. Enter the app Popcorn Time! Based on BitTorrent technology Popcorn […]