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Sleep deprivation and student health: The hazards of pulling an all-nighter in college

The messy hair and mismatched socks…the glassy, bloodshot eyes…the head you can barely lift off of the desk. You can always spot those students who pulled an all-nighter before a big exam or term paper. We’ve all been there — and done that. However, before you make pulling an all-nighter a common occurrence, check out some […]

10 College Halloween party ideas: How to be responsible while throwing a rockin’ bash!

So this year, you’ve decided to forego each and every lame college Halloween party and throw your own bash. Kudos! Whether you’re a party planning novice or known around campus as the soiree guru, there are a few extra steps you MUST take for Halloween. Not only do you need a theme (yes, a theme), […]

Cheap Halloween costume ideas guaranteed to be spooktacular!

Chilly days and crisp leaves mean more than just returning to campus for fall term. It also means that Halloween is just around the corner — and before you know it, your inbox will be jammed full of Evites for the numerous bashes happening around town. Your goal: to find a unique, flattering, cool, trendy costume that […]

Study tips for college students: How to find or create the perfect study space

Although fall term’s just starting, it won’t be long before midterms and papers fill your to-do list — so start off the year with some great study habits and the perfect study space. If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry. We’ll give you all the details about the best places to study both […]

How to be more social: Skills for hitting the college social scene

Are you a wallflower? Would you rather stay in and play videogames on Friday night? Do you know more about dead historians than your roommate? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you are not making the most of your college social life. One of the best things about college is the […]

Successfully end your summer fling (or summer romance) in five easy steps!

Sun, sand, surf and summer romance! As you head home from college, you may be in the market for a summer fling. You begin to wonder why the girl down the street hasn’t caught your eye before–or you notice that the guy at the community pool has definitely been hitting the gym. (Did he always […]

Who else wants something for nothing? How to manage your college budget on a shoestring

Ahhh, frugality…the bane of student life. Not only do you need to find money for those pricey textbooks, you still need to eat! The good news is that it is possible to survive on a shoestring budget and still enjoy your university years. Think it’s impossible? Think again! Just try out a few of these […]

Staying at school during summer semester? Summer tips for college students staying on campus — and some good summer jobs too!

It’s finally summer! You have chosen to remain on campus while your friends and roommates head home to do nothing but bask in the sun with a frosty beverage and enjoy mom’s home cooked meals and laundry service. Is it any wonder you look so glum? Staying on campus over the summer semester comes with […]

High paying jobs for college students — 5 ways to maximize your time and put more cash in your pocket!

Unless you are Donald Trump or Tim Cook, you may be looking for a job that offers a little more cash flow. And if the basic on-campus jobs like working as a cashier at the bookstore or flipping burgers at the dining hall aren’t your cups of tea, don’t stress. High paying jobs for college […]

The Kentucky Derby 2013: From past traditions at Churchill Downs to Orb… and a little fashion in between

Oversized hats and mint juleps can only mean one thing: The Kentucky Derby 2013! Held at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky, on the first Saturday in May every year, the Derby is THE place to be and be seen! And not just for the horses. This year, over 150,000 people flocked to the race and […]