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College hacks: How to survive group projects

You can hear it in the walls of past students, and smell it lingering in the classroom; group projects are everywhere in college, and we all dread them! They’re not going away any time soon so you might as well suck it up and learn these college hacks on how to survive group projects, because […]

Planning to travel abroad? The strong dollar will get you far this summer

My decision to travel abroad during my junior year of college was the best decision I made regarding my education. Travel was still relatively affordable, and luggage was still free to carry on and check in while flying. A lot has changed since then, but if you’re planning to travel abroad this summer, a strong […]

Top 10 ways you can tell spring is coming

If you haven’t been hibernating all winter, you’ve likely experienced some of the polar vortex, ice storms, freezing rain, record-breaking snow falls, that Mother Nature has thrown our way. And chances are, you’re more than ready for warmer days. Here are the top 10 ways you can tell spring is coming, you know, to keep […]

DIY apartment makeover for college students

I’ve rented enough apartments and flats to know that if it’s not yours to own, you can’t — and don’t want to — put too much money into improving it. But, there are some ways that you can update that space without too much fuss. Read on for some DIY apartment makeover tips that even […]

How to use different social media platforms to build your professional network

I know that it’s hard to believe that social media is good for things besides watching Kanye make a fool of himself at the Grammys…again. However, if you’re interested in learning how to use different social media platforms to build an online presence (one you can be proud of) and grow your professional network, you’ll […]

Vaccinations on campus: What college students need to know

Everywhere you look you can hear someone debating the issue of vaccinations. The latest discussion surrounds the measles outbreak that started at the California Disneyland in December of last year. Besides the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine, there are a number of other vaccinations that, if administered appropriately, could keep you and your roommates […]

DIY study guide to help you ace your midterm exams

It’s about that time of the semester where you should consider making a study guide for your upcoming midterm exams. With the help of CengageBrain and some handy tips, you can be confident when you hit the books with a DIY study guide. Share these helpful hints with your classmates and ace those exams!

Did you know? Freedom of speech and hate speech aren’t the same thing

You might think that being a college student in America you’d be protected under the First Amendment if you choose to exercise your right of freedom of speech, even if that meant you were addressing your opinions on tough topics often considered hate speech, right? Not necessarily. Did you know that freedom of speech and […]

Trending worldwide: March in Paris, historic event for French

The attacks on the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, which posted images of Islamic extremists in its newspaper January 7, 2015, have sparked support and is trending worldwide as millions marched in Paris at a historic event for the French, January 11, 2015. Here are the facts of what’s happening so far and how you […]

DIY health and beauty tips for college students on a budget

Being a college student can be tough – you have a lot of expenses and not a lot of income. If you’re trying to save money, give these DIY health and beauty life hacks a try. That way you’ll have money for life’s more important things, you know, like books.