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College life: Keeping your balance the college way!

Probably the most useful thing I’ve learned in my college life is how to stay afloat while balancing school, work, personal and social life. It’s not a lesson that comes easily learned; it takes more of a trial and error approach. But … Continue reading

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College life: How to decide if graduate school is right for you

Deciding to apply for and attend graduate school is not a decision that should be taken lightly. Perhaps you’re nearing the end of your undergraduate program, or maybe you’ve just started and like planning ahead. There are important questions to … Continue reading

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Top ten ways to manage time when studying for final exams

Final exams are just around the corner for most of us and, in addition to really learning the material you’ve been taught all semester, you should learn how to manage your time so you get those top grades you’ve been … Continue reading

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Packing up: Tips on moving out for winter break

Colleges and universities across the United States will close their doors in a week or two to allow staff and students a much-needed break for the holidays with families and friends. So, what does this mean to you, the student … Continue reading

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Federal student loan repayment plans: Get in the know with what you’ll owe!

Whether you’re an entering freshman or a first-year grad student, being in the know with what your federal student loan debt looks like is a good way to stay ahead of the game for when the time comes to begin … Continue reading

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Team USA 2012 London Olympics wrap up!

We have many reasons to celebrate Team USA this year as they dominated the 2012 London Olympics! In case you missed the Games this year, check out the list of highlights below in our wrap up of the summer tradition. … Continue reading

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Top 10 websites for back to school prep: You’ll want to bookmark these now!

The new school year is just around the corner and getting prepared doesn’t only mean having enough supplies to stock a small office; you’ll also want to make sure you have these top ten websites bookmarked on your computer to … Continue reading

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The end of summer vacation: How to begin preparing for the fall semester

We’re nearing the end of summer and you know what that means — the beginning of a new school year! While you may not be as excited as some of us (OK, maybe it’s just me), you will have to do … Continue reading

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2012 London Olympics: Update on team USA

As of August 3, 2012, 5pm (CST), the U.S. Olympic team is in first place with a total of 43 medals: 21 gold, 10 silver and 12 bronze. In second place is China with 42 total medals. With 10 days … Continue reading

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Car shopping for a new or used vehicle on a college student budget

Car shopping can be stressful on any budget, especially if you’re a college student who’s on a particularly tight budget. Here’s a quick guide of things to keep in mind if you’re in the market for a new vehicle. And, … Continue reading

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