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Interview etiquette: How to write a thank you email after a job interview

No matter how informal the job interview might have seemed, you should always – and I mean always – send the person or persons who interviewed you a thank you note of some kind. Whether it is an email, a typed letter or a note card sent through snail mail, taking the time to thank the interviewers […]

DIY Wednesday: How to make your own last minute Halloween costume

If you’ve waited to learn how to make your own last minute Halloween costume, you’re in good company!  Doing a quick search on the web comes up with these great last-minute Halloween costume ideas that you can make with just a few ideas from your — or your roomie’s — closet! For the ladies If […]

Test prep: Make the most out of your study time by following these study tips

Whether you’re a first-year college student or a seasoned veteran of finals, you know that studying is a major part of being in college. If you learn to master your study techniques, you won’t have test anxiety when exams come around. Grab your course syllabus, Smartphone, your tennis shoes and a snack, and follow these […]

Breaking Bad Finale: What you missed from the show of the year! SPOILER ALERT

OK, OK. I admit it. I became a fan very late in the game. After the finale tonight, I’m not sure I can watch any other drama on TV (yes, even my beloved Grey’s Anatomy) without feeling a bit disappointed. Here’s what you missed from the Breaking Bad finale, the show of the year! How fans […]

College life: How to put together a tool kit to keep you prepared for just about anything!

If this is going to be your first time living on your own, you’ll want to have a handy tool kit that will ensure that you’re prepared for almost anything! Here are my best “go-to” tips for living on your own and making it in this crazy world as an adult. The fix-anything kit You […]

Education news from around the U.S.: New MOOC format gaining popularity by the day; what’s in it for you?

It’s true that college costs keep rising with no end in sight. From textbooks and supplies to courses and certification exams, college students, and their parents, are definitely feeling the burn. But, there’s a new education innovation that is gaining popularity around the U.S.: Massive Open Online Courses, or MOOCs, are just that — massive, […]

Conflict in Egypt: Stay informed with CengageBrain

If you’ve been too consumed with beaches and bonfires to pay attention to the news this week, you’ve likely missed what’s going on in Egypt. With a little help from our research team, CengageBrain will keep you in the know on the world news so you can stay informed. Curfew enacted; shuts down capital Author […]

Buying or renting a textbook this semester? Here’s how to get the most bang for your buck!

If you’re taking classes this fall, you had better step up your game and start looking into buying or renting textbooks for the semester. You definitely don’t want to spend the first week of your semester standing in line at the one campus bookstore with the rest of the procrastinators. Yes, I’ve definitely been that […]

Sites and gadgets and hashtags, oh my! The hottest online trends to keep you cooled off this summer

To stay cooled off this summer, you’ll want to keep up with the latest online trends. Stay in the know by keeping up with these cool sites, gadgets, and hashtags. Whether you’re looking to organize your budget with an iPhone app or you want to check out the news on the new Nintendo Wii U, […]

Summer break: How to choose the best gear for your trip!

Summer is just beginning — are you stocked up on your favorite outdoor equipment? Check out our tips on how to choose the best gear that’ll ensure your adventures this summer break are top notch! What the experts say National Geographic offers up their suggestions for your summer trip in Steve Casimiro’s post titled, “Ultimate […]