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How to Best Handle Group Projects in College

As a senior in college, I know that group projects are inevitable. Recently, I worked with a partner on a presentation on early American designers. Although we finalized what each of us were going to do, she didn’t send me her information until 2 A.M. – the night before the presentation. I woke up extra […]

Get it while it lasts: Take $15 off your purchase of $150 at CengageBrain.com

Right now you’re probably more acclimated to the new semester and are getting a solid start on the projects and research papers your professors have assigned….or so we hope. Regardless of where you stand, CengageBrain.com wants you to know that they are still here to help you get your classroom essentials for that big paper […]

Service project opportunity: The CengageBrain Alternative Spring Break Contest!

Are you passionate about helping people? Are you looking to utilize your leadership skills by making an impact in a particular community? If so, let us know about it and you could win up to $2,500 to fund your very own Alternative Spring Break project! Get sponsored! We at CengageBrain.com are giving away the CengageBrain Leadership in Service […]

One week only: 2 eChapters for the price of 1 at CengageBrain.com

February is about to approach, and you STILL haven’t gotten your supplies for the Spring 2014 semester? No problem. Life can be hectic and it’s not uncommon for college students to procrastinate (we’re not fools, we know how college works). The good news is that just because you ended up getting a late start on […]

Hurry and get 10% off print textbooks at CengageBrain.com

As college students begin their Spring 2014 semester, we at CengageBrain.com can’t help but wonder whether students have decided to take the digital route with their textbooks or have opted to stick with good old fashioned print textbooks. In case you’re still deciding, we have some great reasons why it would be best for you […]

Last call: Apply now for The Top TA Scholarships by CengageBrain!

While receiving a college degree will help provide numerous opportunities for your future in the workforce, it can be a costly item that doesn’t come easy. Sure, student loans can help alleviate the pain of college costs…for now. But down the road you’ll be required to pay back those loans, and the odds of you […]

Act fast: 10% off eBooks at CengageBrain.com

When it comes to college courses, there is one item that students might not be able to live without: textbooks. The downfall is that each of your books weighs almost 5 pounds! While you might get a great workout carrying them across campus, it becomes a tiring process over time. The great news is that […]

CengageBrain.com offering 15% off print rentals PLUS free shipping

A new semester can mean a brand new you. Try new things. Buy new clothes. If you are still ‘undecided’ on a college major, that’s okay. This gives you an opportunity to explore electives and find out what your true passion in life is. Whatever you do, CengageBrain is here to help you with your […]

Take 10% off print textbooks at CengageBrain.com

Happy 2014 students! As January arrives, many people have their New Years’ resolutions top of mind. Maybe you’re hoping to get in better shape this year. Or even hoping to do more traveling in the upcoming year. Why not include getting a head start on purchasing your textbooks for the Spring semester? To help you […]

One week only: Take 35% off rental textbooks from CengageBrain.com

With the Spring 2014 semester just around the corner, getting a head start on buying your textbooks really isn’t such a bad idea. In fact, it might be a great way for you to start off on the right foot – and by that we mean not procrastinating. However, you just spent countless dollars on […]