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Web Instagram, archiving instantly with Seagate backup software and other online trends

Hot diggity digital: It’s our Internet and technology roundup! Have you been just too busy clicking through vacation photos on your camera to see what all your friends are sharing online? Did you know that Web Instagram may be joining its mobile counterpart? Want to make sure your Facebook pics have a backup that isn’t […]

New year, new start: Learning how to make and keep new school year resolutions

Being a college student means you have to learn how to wear many different kinds of hats. Being a student, co-worker, roommate, classmate, friend, significant other, etc., can be stressful at times. Knowing how to manage your time is a good skill to acquire early on in your college career. Here’s to learning how to […]

College roommate trouble: How to know and what to do if you’ve chosen the wrong roommate

High school and your parents are in the rearview mirror — life is good, right? Well, that may depend on who turns out to be sharing your dorm room. Finding a college roommate that you mesh with can be harder than it looks. And, even if you managed to hand-pick yours, things may not work […]

College survival tips: Keep in touch over the summer with friends, professors and TAs

Keeping in touch with friends over the summer can make for an easier transition back into classes come fall. Although technology has made that task easier than ever, it does still require a bit of effort on your part. But, reaching out to your friends is totally worth it in the end. Those in the […]

Summer classes: Stay focused and get credits faster

“Summer school” sounds like a punishment. You’d rather get a job, party or just veg during your summer vacation. The benefits to taking summer courses make the off-peak grind worth it though, plus you can choose from lots of different options: study abroad, summer internships or online summer school all offer flexibility and convenience that […]

College graduation gift ideas you should be hinting for from parents and grandparents

Ah graduation, a time for thinking of the future, sure, but also a time for gifts! Every soon-to-be-grad knows they can count on Mom and Dad or their grandparents to recognize the occasion with a special present or memento. Why not celebrate years of student success and be prepared with some hints or suggestions to […]

Where will you travel for summer break?

Summer break: A glorious two and a half months of freedom from the daily grind of your classes — or a chance to get ahead on the next semester. Whether you’re searching for a global education or just some good ol’ fashioned life experiences, there are many opportunities to consider for this summer break. Your taste for […]

Student employment on-campus, off-campus and work-study

Many students these days need to work to help pay the bills for tuition, gas and expenses, and room and board. Student employment opportunities include on-campus jobs, off-campus jobs, resident assistant, teaching assistant, work-study and more. Ask your financial aid office, career counselor, or just take a trip downtown to find jobs available to college […]

Moving day tips: Packing up your dorm rooms and apartments

Leaving your old dorm rooms or apartments behind can be exciting, but it can also be stressful. You can make it all go a lot smoother when you have a plan for boxing up your belongings. These moving day tips will insure that you pack up and move on with ease. Time to say out […]

How to become a teaching assistant

If you love to learn and enjoy helping your fellow students, why not think about becoming a teaching assistant (TA)? A TA works under a professor’s supervision to assist students in the classroom. You’d be lending a hand to professors in a class you have already taken and understand well so you can give guidance […]