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Life hacks for planning what to do after graduation

For thousands of college students, graduation is just a few weeks away. College graduation is the beginning of your career, or grad school. I mean, it could go either way. Getting a master’s degree could help you to get a better job and higher earnings. And it has the added benefit of putting off getting […]

Get fit with these workout routines for college students

Even young college students have to stay in shape. Getting fit takes time and dedication but it doesn’t have to take a lot of cash. Whether it’s a workout routine to build strength or boot camp training to turn you into a Greek god, you can do it yourself. Workout routines don’t have to involve […]

DIY electronics projects for college students

If you like to tinker with do-it-yourself projects then you might be a member of the maker movement. This community of electronics aficionados takes pleasure in various DIY electronics projects that are created from simple electronics circuits. Some of the electronics maker projects include robots, wireless cameras, toys and 3-D printing. Tools that were created […]

Common mistakes college students should avoid on their income tax return

Spring is when the flowers bloom, you change the clocks and you have to file your income tax return. The tax return deadline is weeks away. But there’s no sense in trying to put it off even if it turns out you have to pay taxes instead of getting a refund. As smart as you […]

How college students can prevent identity theft

As a young, poor college student, the last thing you expect is for someone to use your identity to commit credit card fraud. Unfortunately, identity theft statistics show that college students are especially vulnerable to this costly crime. It can affect your ability to get credit for years to come. Among the privacy issues that […]

Tax tips for college students

Your April 15 tax return due date is only weeks away. Whether you’ll do an online income tax return filing or go with old-fashioned paper filing, you’ll need some tax tips to help you out. Income tax brackets for college students tend to be low because you work part time, often for minimum wage. Whatever […]

Mental math tricks for college students

If you’re like most college students, you harbor a fear and dread of math. The reason for this prejudice probably goes back to grade school and the challenges you faced in math classes. Without a proper foundation, math formulas become math puzzles that cannot be understood. But it’s not too late to learn the mental […]

How college students can begin to learn about Black History Month

If you are hearing a lot of discussion among your instructors and fellow college students about events in history, particularly black history, there’s a reason. February is Black History Month when we celebrate the accomplishments of African Americans. So this is a good time to get up to speed on famous black writers, artists, inventors, […]

Internships and other ideas to help you choose the right career path

What’s your college major? Fellow college students and others who want to get acquainted with you will want to know. By the way, you need to know, too! It helps when choosing courses. The best career path for you may be one that you haven’t considered. A visit to your campus career center is a […]

Why aren’t more women college students aiming for STEM careers?

A blond, female MIT engineering student was recently featured in a story where she discussed people’s reactions to her major. Most expressed disbelief that she is studying engineering. These reactions may reveal why there aren’t more women in engineering, or math careers. STEM careers include those in science, technology, engineering and math. If you love […]