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How to make a memory book for college students

Life goes by fast and it’s always nice to be able to look back at memories of the good times. You can do that with photos, souvenirs and other collectables from your trips and adventures with friends. Making memories last is fun when you get creative. The memory book is only the first step. Think […]

Workout tips that protect achy joints for college students

A regular workout is an important part of good health. But often you pay a price in the form of achy joints, aches and pains and any number of joint problems. Running will keep the weight off from all of your holiday feasting, but it can be hard on the knee joints. A good way […]

Sony releases “The Interview” despite hackers

Unless you’ve been under a rock or living in a cave, you’ve heard of the flap over Sony Pictures release of the new film The Interview starring Seth Rogen and James Franco. The comedy centers on a plan to assassinate North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un. Hackers from North Korea not only broke into the email […]

DIY holiday party ideas for college students

The year-end holidays are a time to get together with old friends and new. It’s also a time to celebrate family ties and reconnect with those you love. But planning a holiday party can mean deciding among many possible cool party themes and facing the challenge of cooking on a budget. Let’s look at some […]

What college students need to know about police procedure

On Wednesday, December 3, 2014, a grand jury in Staten Island, New York, decided that there was not enough evidence to prosecute officers involved in the death of Eric Garner. This case, and that of Michael Brown, highlights the issue of police brutality and the use of excessive force. Many question whether policies such as […]

Create your own study guide to help you ace your finals

With final exams looming ahead, you need to figure out ways to study that will work best for you. Having a study guide to work from is a good start. But you’ll have to apply effective study habits and use the study guide for it to be of value. Learning how to study for exams […]

Easy travel hacks for college students

As the semester draws to a close, your mind naturally turns toward winter break and traveling home or other trips. With a little digging you can find easy travel hacks that will make your journey more enjoyable and less stressful. With only a few weeks between semesters, it will take some planning and thought to […]

DIY handmade holiday ornaments for college students

It may be a bit early to be thinking about Christmas. But if you’re on a budget then you can save lots of money by starting early with things to make for Thanksgiving and homemade Christmas ornaments. DIY crafts can be a great way to create unique decorations and presents for Christmas and other holidays. […]

What you should know about Apple Pay

Apple Pay, the contactless payment system that runs on your iPhone 6, debuted on October 20, 2014. Now, barely a month old, the electronic payment system faces a challenge from a newcomer that won’t be available until spring 2015. What started this battle of payment methods is an attempt by retailers to avoid paying the […]

Gamergate and the war on women in the video game industry

The war on women isn’t just happening on a political level. We are seeing more instances of women in the video game industry being subjected to cyber harassment consisting of death threats. One feminist media critic cancelled a scheduled speech at Utah State University after the school received an email threatening the deadliest shooting in […]