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DIY ideas to make your own backpack, bag or tote

If you’re not intimidated by a needle and thread there are lots of great DIY ideas that you can do. For example you can make your own DIY backpack, bag or tote. I found all kinds of sewing ideas online including patterns for how to make a drawstring bag. It looks so easy I bet […]

College students: Learn how to use LinkedIn to get a job

If you’re like me, you probably spend way too much time using social media. Instead of posting pictures of yourself taking jello shots, how about learning how to use LinkedIn to help you get a job after graduation? Of all the life hacks you can develop some of the best life hacks involve learning how […]

College students: DIY college survival kit ideas for every occasion

Heading off to college may be your first experience of being away from your family for an extended time. When the going gets tough, who’s going to be there to support you and soothe your hurts and fears? Well, you can do it yourself with a few handy supplies. Start now to learn how to […]

Grooming tips for college students

As the fall semester ramps up it isn’t long before the health and beauty routines of college students go right out the window. Who has time for proper grooming? But looking good is still going to help you make a good impression on fellow students and your professors. If you’re a natural beauty, cherish these […]

How to bust the rumor mill and detect a lie

Did you hear the story of the college student who drank too much at a party and woke up in a bathtub without his kidney? Is it true? College students encounter all sorts of rumors and stories that spread on campus. The Internet and social media have added to the power of the rumor mill. […]

Dorm room ideas: Tips & tools to help you get organized

Fall semester is right around the corner. It’s time to get organized and put together some dorm room ideas to make your life easier. Because dorm rooms are usually pretty small you’ll need to be creative in figuring out how to stay organized. You’re going to want to make the most of the limited space […]

What college students need to know about telephone etiquette

Communication is probably at the top of the list of job skills that you need to know. Just look at job listings and you’re likely to see “written and verbal skills” listed in the job requirements. And of all the communication skills telephone etiquette is especially important. When you’re talking to someone and they can’t […]

Cool cell phone cases for college students

Cell phones are not just a necessity; they are a way to express your personal style. Rather than spending money on a fancy case for your phone why not consider some DIY ideas for cool phone cases that you can make and then switch out to match your mood. Here are some suggestions on how […]

What college students should know about e-cigarettes

E-cigarettes or e-cigs, simulate the act of smoking tobacco by producing a flavored vapor that has the look and feel of tobacco smoke. Many college students and adolescents are choosing e-cigarettes thinking that they are safer than tobacco. But that is not the case. As a nicotine delivery system, e-cigarettes have fewer toxic chemicals than […]

Useful apps offer college students ways to save money

Are you always looking for ways to save money? If not, just look at your current student loan debt for inspiration. Saving money is like planting a tree. From little acorns do big trees grow. Start with small amounts put aside on a regular basis and before you know it you’ll have a nest egg. […]