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Diversity in college—important for college students and college professors

As our population becomes more heterogeneous, U.S. college students are broadening the diversity in college. But that same varied representation of gender, races and cultures does not seem to be extending to college professors. Not only is faculty diversity lacking in terms of race, but also academic jobs seem to be disproportionately going to the […]

Life hacks for how to sleep better in college

Want to do better in college? Would you like to feel better about yourself? How about living longer and being more creative? Of course, all of these are things college students, or anyone, are interested in. But what do they all have in common? A good night’s sleep, that’s what. Achieving all those things can […]

DIY skin care — Make your own homemade beauty products

Are you interested in homemade beauty products because you haven’t gotten the results you want from store-bought options? Maybe you just like to make your own things? Or perhaps you are seeking great skin but haven’t had any luck with what is in your medicine cabinet. There are some DIY skin care items that you […]

DIY Valentine’s Day—Save money with homemade valentines

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is coming. If you are interested in sharing the love with your friends or special someone, while getting your craft on, there are a ton of DIY homemade valentines ideas out there for you to choose from. From gifts that are easy to make to homemade valentines décor […]

Is the nicotine in e-cigarettes a health threat?

More and more health groups are speaking out against e-cigarettes, saying they are not safe and pose a health threat. While they might not be as harmful as traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes do still contain nicotine and a high concentration of the known carcinogen formaldehyde. From the California Department of Public Health to the American Society […]

Life hacks for how to sit less and move more

Ever think about how much time you spend sitting down every day? Well more and more research is showing that regardless of how much you exercise, sitting too much can be very bad for your long-term health. So what are some life hacks to help college students move more and sit less? Read on for […]

DIY basic car maintenance for college students

You love your car. You need your car. But do you ever think about how to take care of your care? DIY knowledge of car maintenance is something everyone, including college students, should have some knowledge of. What basic car maintenance do you need to know to keep your wheels up and running? Read on […]

DIY ideas for how to keep New Year’s resolutions

Remember those New Year’s resolutions that you made all the way back at the start of the year? If you are like most people making a change and trying to stick to it, you know it isn’t the easiest task. However, if you are interested in how to keep going strong with your resolutions, here […]

Life hacks for going back to college after winter break

Winter break … it was fun while it lasted. Whether you were ready to escape your family and head back to college or you never wanted your vacation to end, all college students must face the fact that class is back in session. So how can you make the transition a little bit easier? With […]

Headache cures—DIY home remedies and natural treatments

Whether it is the stress of too much time with the family, or too many late nights hanging with your friends at holiday events, the end of each year is a time when you are in need of some good DIY headache cures. Read on for some home remedies and natural treatments that will have […]