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Combating the opioid epidemic with substance-free college dorms

The recent untimely death of music icon Prince has refocused our attention on prescription painkillers. But the problem has been a growing one for sometime, even within many colleges and universities. In fact, many university campuses have been trying to help combat the opioid epidemic by offering substance-free college dorms for students struggling with addiction. […]

Not ready for college? How about taking a gap year?

Taking a gap year has been pretty common in Great Britain for the past four or five decades, but fewer American students have opted to wait a year before starting college. That may be changing now that First Daughter Malia Obama has opted to wait a year before heading off to Harvard. Worried that you […]

How to develop coping skills as an introvert in college

What does it mean to be an introvert? I always think of it as being defined by where you get the energy you need to recharge. Do you find that being around others energizes you, or do you need time to yourself to feel like taking on the world? If you are an introvert, you […]

On a budget? DIY gift ideas for this Father’s Day

Dear old dad … it’s time again to celebrate all he does for you. With Father’s Day around the corner you may be stumped for some good gift ideas. Why not go the DIY route with some homemade gifts that will keep you on a budget, words I know college students love to hear.

Tips for high school students preparing for college

Know any high school students preparing for college in the fall? Are you trying to get ready to start your own grand university adventure? You may be freaking out a bit, and that’s okay. I’ve got some tips to help you use this final summer at home to your advantage so college will be a […]

Improve your career search with these tips

Are you being resourceful with your career search? Do you know what the best job search websites are? The answers to these two questions may surprise you. Read on for common mistakes people make in their career search, as well as a life hack or two to make the whole process easier.

Tips on how to have the best nap ever – YES!

If you haven’t heard all the noise about the benefits of napping, well … maybe you already know how to take a nap and don’t need any life hacks to help! But if you’re as crazed and tired and overwhelmed as most college students, a few how to pointers could make all the difference for […]

Financial aid eligibility requirements for college students

Unfortunately, for many college students how you picked what school you would be attending probably came down to the financial aid package you were offered. Of course you opted for the school that was giving you the most money! But what you may have overlooked in your excitement over all those grants, scholarships and loans […]

Is it possible to have a vegetarian diet in college?

Maybe you decided going meatless was a good idea after coming across this quote from George Bernard Shaw “Animals are my friends . . . and I don’t eat my friends.” Or maybe you simply want to learn how to be vegetarian for the health benefits. I tried going meatless myself, and it was definitely […]

The pros and cons of study abroad

College is the time to spread your wings, experience new things and explore the world, right? One way that countless college students have done all that and more is through a study abroad experience (yours truly included!). If you are considering studying overseas, you will hear a lot about the personal growth you will achieve, as well […]