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How to be more confident

Self esteem. Self confidence. The ideas may be almost interchangeable, but possessing these qualities is another matter altogether. No matter how confident you think someone is (or they say they are), we all have moments of doubt and wish we knew how to be more confident. I’m a big fan of the “fake it till […]

How to stay on a budget with these tips

I can still see the folding table laid out with brochures in my head. It was so easy to sign up for that first credit card, just a little something to help out my college budget. But if I had been a bit smarter about how to stay on a budget, I might never have […]

Life hacks for how to find a college roommate

A big fear for incoming freshmen? How to find a roommate. There are so many questions—Are you compatible? Can you get along? Will you drive each other crazy or become besties? It can be hard to live together when you don’t know each other, but there are lots of life hacks to help you find […]

Dorm room ideas—decorating on the cheap

It’s almost time to pack it up and return to the dorm! Whether you are just starting college or an old pro at small space living, everyone could stand to learn a bit more about decorating on the cheap. I’ve compiled some great dorm room ideas to help you make those cinder block walls a […]

A cheat sheet for paying for college without going broke

I get a reminder of college every month when I submit my student loan payment. Paying for college without going broke is on the minds of most college-bound students these days. Even if you have already secured your financial aid package, you may still be on the lookout for ways to make your college tuition […]

How to stay cool in the hot weather

Want some great tips on how to beat the summer heat? When the hot weather descends, I often get wiped out and feel like any activity is completely miserable. But I’ve found a few great life hacks to help me stay cool, no matter how high the temperatures climb.

How to pick a college major

Your college worries probably follow this pattern: Worry No. 1—What school will I get into? Worry No. 2—How will I pay for college once I get in? Worry No. 3—How to pick a college major, aka “What do I want to do with the rest of my life?” If you have progressed through stages 1 and 2, […]

Big trends in the app world—a cheat sheet for the most popular

Back in the dark ages, or at least before 2007 and the introduction of the iPhone, smartphones didn’t exist. And if you mentioned an app, people probably assumed you wanted an appetizer. In the U.S. today, we all use so many apps that you need a cheat sheet to rank the most popular. So here’s […]

Health news on campus—What’s affecting today’s college students

No two ways about it, getting sick sucks. But for today’s college students, the top health issues aren’t always colds and flus. In fact, on campus many are feeling anxious. As a result, anxiety has overtaken depression as the biggest concern for college students according to the latest health news.

Health info and the Internet—How to know if it’s valid

Want to find out what tomorrow’s temperature will be in Montserrat? Need to know the difference between a dolphin and a porpoise? Internet searches can help with any of these things you need to know. And the World Wide Web is a great resource for health info on the thousands of health care website options. […]