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Better listening skills for college students

Have you ever realized that someone has been talking and you have no idea what is being said? I sure have. We could all use a little help with our listening skills now and again. You can improve communication by breaking just a few bad habits when you start to follow the quick tips and […]

Things you need to know about college homecoming traditions

The air is crisp, the leaves are falling, and what? Who are all these old people, and why are they invading your campus before noon on a Saturday? Yes, it is time once again for college homecoming, when alumni return in droves and all manner of homecoming traditions are fondly trotted out. Read on for […]

Feel better with DIY home remedies for the common cold

We’ve put a man on the moon, made the Kardashians famous for practically nothing and turned our phones into mini computers, so you would think we could come up with a hard and fast cure for the common cold. But nope, if you come down with the sniffles, you simply have to muddle on and […]

New Apple products: What college students should know

The release of the new Steve Jobs movie is imminent, and it has me wondering what the late founder of Apple would say about the new Apple products that have come out since his death four years ago. Tech news sites are abuzz about the new iPhone release and the latest software update for the […]

Things you need to know about making friends freshman year

Not to put any more pressure on you, but it is important that you focus on making friends during the first few weeks of your freshman year in college. Otherwise you will die sad and alone. Just kidding. But there are some things you need to know about the best places, times and ways to […]

Freshman 15 — Is it an urban myth?

I always hear about it in college, but we never discuss it. Maybe we think if we don’t say it out loud it won’t happen to us. And what is it? The dreaded “freshman 15.” It seems that sudden weight gain you can’t quite shake has always been there. But believe it or not, the […]

Which DIY college survival kit do you need?

College freshmen are flocking to campuses across the country. But do you have all the laundry essentials and medical needs you may require? Probably not. Do you even know what they will need? Even more unlikely. Most returning students, such as yourself, probably could benefit from a refresher on the indispensable items that can make […]

Low carb vs. low fat—what’s the healthiest diet?

With 68.5 percent of American adults overweight or obese as of 2011-2012 The State of Obesity report, a healthy diet is high on most American’s list of to do’s. Most of us want to know what is the healthiest diet, and often a low carb diet tops the list. But a recent study indicates that […]

Improve first impressions based on new science

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. As clichés go, that one is right up there with my personal favorite: When you assume you make an ‘ass’ of ‘u’ and ‘me.’ But unfortunately first impressions are important, and how new people react to the nonverbal cues you give out can affect […]

What was showcased at VidCon 2015? Find out here!

You know what a big deal digital video is. You also know how important a social platform like YouTube is to digital video. Finally, you probably know about VidCon, a conference devoted to all things digital video. Odds are your parents and anyone born before the 1990s has no idea. And boy, are they missing […]