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Holiday shopping life hacks for college students

The biggest retail moment is just ahead—holiday shopping. For college students who would like to save money this holiday season, while still finding the perfect gifts for their friends and family, there are some tips and tricks that can help you. Make the most of the upcoming holiday shopping season with these life hacks.

Stay warm the DIY way with these fun and easy crafts

Winter is here with a vengeance, and if you are fighting to stay warm, the time is right to get your DIY on with some fun and easy crafts. Making your own stylish (and warm!) winter accessories is doable with the range of projects featured below.

How to save money on DIY Christmas gift ideas

The holiday season is fast approaching—a scary time for a broke college student. You want to give your loved ones presents but your funds are limited. How to save money and celebrate the season? DIY Christmas gift ideas to the rescue. Not only will you spend less by making your own presents, but everyone will feel […]

Checklist for final exams — study tips for college students

Final exams are just around the corner, a time all college students live in fear of. Whether this is your first experience with finals or your 500th, there are some test preparation steps you can take, and some study tips you should know, that will help you be better prepared. Time to get your study […]

How to survive Thanksgiving break at home

Enjoying your freedom at college? Hanging with friends, no parents in sight—it’s a pretty good gig. Despite all that autonomy, you are probably looking forward to Thanksgiving break at home. But ask any college student with a couple of semesters under his/her belt and they will tell you that being home for the holidays isn’t […]

Winterize your car for cold weather

If you haven’t already experienced cold weather in your part of the world, it will be coming soon. Preparing your vehicle and knowing some winter weather driving tips are both college life hacks to master sooner, rather than later. Even if you have already experienced some of Old Man Winter’s efforts, it is always good […]

College students and flu season—How to avoid getting sick

If you are like most college students, you are spending your days worrying about exams and papers, dreaming of heading home for the holidays, and sleeping. You are not thinking about flu season. But you should be. How to avoid getting sick and learning how to stay healthy this winter can go a long way […]

How to keep weight off this Thanksgiving break

How to stay healthy with Thanksgiving break and the holidays soon to be upon us? That is a question many are starting to ask themselves. Even college students may be worried about how to keep weight off with bowls of mashed potatoes and plates of pumpkin pie in their future. You can enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner […]

Delivering bad news: Life hacks for college students

Sooner or later it happens to all of us: delivering bad news. It may be how to tell your parents that you got a bad grade, or it may be something much worse. Regardless, it is important among life skills for college students. That being said, it doesn’t mean that you have to make sharing […]

Need some motivation? How to make yourself study

Having one of those days (or weeks or months) where you simply can’t seem to focus? When you need some motivation, but can’t seem to stop procrastinating, it is time to employ some DIY tips to help you knuckle down and get things done. Read on for some how to make yourself study ideas that […]