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Here’s your 411 on the 2014 World Cup

Every four years it happens and almost the entire world stops to watch (except maybe sports fans in the U.S). No not the Olympics, the World Cup. The 2014 World Cup soccer matches are being held in Brazil this year. Despite the ongoing FIFA controversy about how the games are run and awarded, an estimated […]

Are robots taking over the world?

Does the prospect of robots becoming more and more a part of our everyday lives excite or terrify you? Whichever side you come down on, the time to prepare for what’s next with upcoming scientific advances, from personal robots to even robotic humans, is now. Scientists have a range of exciting innovations coming down the […]

How to manage ADHD in college

The transition to college can be tough for anyone—living away from home for the first time, juggling the responsibility of class, being on your own. It is easy to feel overwhelmed. But what if you have ADHD? That can make the changes and challenges that college bring even tougher. For prospective college students with ADHD […]

Who wins the smart home wars, Apple or Google?

Looking for a little more technology in your life… and home? You may soon get your wish, as Google and Apple are said to be announcing their respective forays into smart home technology. What is smart home technology or home automation? For now, each tech giant plans to give home owners control of their security […]

Is it too late to land summer internships for college students?

Classes are out and you have a couple of months to fill until life in the dorms resumes. A job would be great, but an internship (whether paid or unpaid) to gain experience would be even better in terms of your long-term future. Need some tips for finding a career-furthering internship during summer break? How […]

Survive senior year by making the most of it

Senior year of college. It’s a big deal and you are probably wigging out about something—from finishing your degree requirements, to leaving your friends, from finding a job, to avoiding senioritis. No matter what you are worried about, you can make the most of your senior year with these college tips for conquering your final […]

DIY tips for packing up your dorm room

Spring semester is winding down, and it is time to start thinking about packing up your stuff and heading home to the ‘rents for the summer. While it is probably sad enough to be leaving your friends behind and readjusting to mom and dad’s schedule and rules, packing up your dorm room is a whole […]

The end of print newspapers on campus is near

The death of print has been touted for years now as more and more publications go online to keep readers. College student newspapers have been somewhat immune to this trend—up until now. Recently newspapers on campus are also creating Web presences in order to stay vital. So is print dead in academia, too?

“Mom and Dad, I got a bad grade in college”

Looking for ideas on how to break the bad news to your parents that your grades this semester are less than stellar? If sitting them down and simply saying “Mom and Dad, I got a bad grade in college” seems a bit too, shall we say, pedestrian, then here are some ways you can break […]

Mother’s Day gift ideas for college students on a budget

Dear ol’ mom. There’s really no sufficient way to thank her for all she has done for you over the years—from taking care of you when you were a baby, to taking care of you when you were sick, to still trying to take care of you now that you are living hundreds of miles […]