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College students and faux pas — Things you need to know

No one is immune. We can at least take some consolation in that. Despite our best efforts, we have all fallen victim to some form of a faux pas—whether it is a fashion faux pas or a social faux pas, or some other kind of social blunder. When it happens you can and will survive. […]

How to survive a bad college roommate

You are about to enter another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind … we call it the roommate nightmares zone. So your roommate is a jerk. It happens, and it may seem like the end of the world: stuck in a small, confined space with a person that drives […]

Transferring colleges—Things you need to know

Changed your mind? Switched majors? Need to cut costs? Wanted to get those entry-level courses out of the way? There are a multitude of reasons you may be thinking of transferring from a two-year to a four-year school. If you are still deciding whether or not switching schools is right for you, here is some […]

First aid must haves for college students

One of the bad things about leaving home for college is that mom isn’t there any more to kiss your boo boos or provide first aid for you. Nope, big bad college students have to treat their own scrapes and cuts. So what are the must have first aid tools that every dorm-bound individual needs? […]

How to create a college budget

Mo’ money may equal mo’ problems, but if you are like most college students, you are probably finding the lack of funds to be more problematic. If you haven’t done it already, the time is right to craft a college budget—it should be high on your things-you-need-to-know how to do list. So how to create […]

Money saving tips for college students to shop smart

Whether it’s your freshman year of college or not, you have a college dorm checklist of things you need. But you are a college student and you don’t want to spend a lot. The trick is to shop smart and know the best money saving tips to get you the stuff you need without breaking […]

Tips for making friends freshman year of college

The start of your freshman year of college is right around the corner. Bags packed? Goodbyes said? All that is left is for you to figure out how to make new friends on campus. Making friends is an issue that everyone faces, so you aren’t in it alone, but a few DIY tips couldn’t hurt, […]

How medical marijuana affects college students

Twenty-three states and the District of Columbia have legalized the use of medical marijuana for adults. Meanwhile, Colorado and Washington have legalized marijuana for adult recreational use. The rules around cannabis are definitely changing in the United States. Although the legalization of pot has been big news around the country, just because pot is legal […]

How to survive your first week of college

Heading off to your first week of college is a crazy time. You’re excited, you’re nervous and you have no idea what to expect. But you aren’t the first to make this leap, and those college students that have come before you have some sound suggestions to help you start off your freshman year. Read […]

How to deal with life and work in college

Whether you like it or not, change is going to happen. But dealing with change, well, that is something we could all use a life hack for now and then. The key is figuring out how to deal with change in a way that makes everything bearable. Read on for the biggest life and work […]