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Latest information on Germanwings airplane crash

The recent airplane crash of Germanwings flight 4U 9525 from Barcelona, Spain to Dusseldorf, Germany was not caused by pilot error. Rather the horrifying tragedy appears to have been intentionally caused by the co-pilot, according to information from the now-recovered black box. Of the 150 passengers and crew on board, there were no survivors when […]

Does lifehacking make life better or make you work more?

It was inevitable. Lifehacking, the ingenious little tricks meant to make our life better, has experienced a backlash, with critics arguing that the benefits of lifehacking are nonexistent and in fact, these short cuts actually make us work more. Initially inspired by technology, lifehacking was meant to get things done in a more efficient manner, […]

How to make the most of your college experience

For college students, the four years you spend on campus are about getting an education that will set your future path. But there is also so much more to the college experience, including many things to do during that time that will enable you to make the most of the time you spend on campus. […]

Attend grad school or get a job? Answers for college students

Graduation day is coming for all college students (hopefully!). And when it does, will you be hitting the pavement to get a job, or will you be checking out the advanced degree opportunities to be had in grad school? Need some help deciding which choice is right for you? Read on.

Ed O’Bannon vs. NCAA — Should college athletes be paid?

For the NCAA there is more than just March Madness going on right now; the organization currently is in court, hoping to overturn last August’s ruling from the U.S. District Court in Oakland, California, regarding payment for college athletes. Former UCLA basketball player Ed O’Bannon is behind the court case, which received even more attention […]

Change your style—DIY fashion makeover for men and women

Ready to change your style? Whether you are simply in desperate need of a fashion makeover, or are just tired of your old look, giving yourself a DIY reboot in terms of clothes, hair and makeup is easier than you may think. For men and women, here are some ideas to help you refresh your […]

How to be healthier — life hacks for college students

There probably aren’t many people out there, college students included, who aren’t looking for ideas on how to be healthier. But making those kind of lifestyle changes can be challenging. Read on for some life hacks that can help, from diet tips to easy workouts, all with the goal of a healthier you.

New rules from the FCC on net neutrality

The issue of net neutrality has garnered a lot of media attention lately as the FCC has been determining what the new rules will be. Open access to the Internet has become an accepted fact of life, but some had wanted to change that, allowing certain companies to charge more to use their content or […]

Life after Spring Break — how to stay motivated

Spring Break—that marvelous getaway for college students has come and gone. Now you are left trying to figure out how to live life after your vacation and how to stay motivated for the last couple months of classes. Read on for some tips to keep you going as you finish out the semester.

Diversity in college—important for college students and college professors

As our population becomes more heterogeneous, U.S. college students are broadening the diversity in college. But that same varied representation of gender, races and cultures does not seem to be extending to college professors. Not only is faculty diversity lacking in terms of race, but also academic jobs seem to be disproportionately going to the […]