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DIY Mother’s Day projects to save money and celebrate mom

She wouldn’t forget your birthday (or for that matter any other gift-giving holiday … Thank you “Mrs.” Easter Bunny!) so the least you can do is throw her a little love come Mother’s Day. But when it comes to how to celebrate mom, well, she knows you aren’t rolling in cash. What you need are […]

Top 10 summer vacation ideas for the broke college student

Classes will soon be out, and you want to enjoy your break, right? It’s the perfect time for a little summer vacation. But you are a broke college student, so if you’re going to hit the road, it has to be on the cheap. Read on for some top destinations that will save money while […]

Yes, it is possible to decrease your cell phone usage

Life without your mobile phone — seems like a pretty grim thought, right? But once upon a time, cell phone usage was only for emergencies, not for every second of the day. Not to sound like mom or dad, but have you ever wondered if maybe you should use your cell phone less, maybe even “break […]

DIY tips and tricks for how to do laundry

Unless you are well off enough to be able to buy new clothes instead of having to wash and re-wear yours, how to do laundry is a skill that you need. But don’t despair college students, there are some tips and tricks to help, even if you don’t know a rinse cycle from a spin […]

College students—how to have a stress free moving day

The end of the school year is just around the corner. You and I know what that means…Moving day! Take it from a pro who has done this MANY times, if you want the transition from your dorm to your home to be as stress free as possible, read on for some of my best moving day tips.

Life hacks for applying for grad school

Picking and applying for grad school can be a stressful time. If you’re considering taking your education to the next level you will definitely want some life hacks to make the process easier. Read on for what you need to know about finding and choosing the right graduate school for you and your future.

Tips for college students on how to sleep better

A little bit of shuteye never seems so good until you are sleep deprived. The hours we spend at rest may seem like time wasted, but everyone needs that time to keep their bodies working right. Sleep helps brain function, memory and a whole host of other areas, so establishing and sticking with good sleep […]

Car care tips for college students

If spring hasn’t come to your neck of the woods, it is on its way. And with the blooming flowers and green grass may come the urge to do a little spring cleaning. While college students may not particularly warm to the idea of dusting and scrubbing and cleaning, some car care tips, just in […]

Latest information on Germanwings airplane crash

The recent airplane crash of Germanwings flight 4U 9525 from Barcelona, Spain to Dusseldorf, Germany was not caused by pilot error. Rather the horrifying tragedy appears to have been intentionally caused by the co-pilot, according to information from the now-recovered black box. Of the 150 passengers and crew on board, there were no survivors when […]

Does lifehacking make life better or make you work more?

It was inevitable. Lifehacking, the ingenious little tricks meant to make our life better, has experienced a backlash, with critics arguing that the benefits of lifehacking are nonexistent and in fact, these short cuts actually make us work more. Initially inspired by technology, lifehacking was meant to get things done in a more efficient manner, […]