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College campuses catering to various religions and what they’re doing

Colleges and universities are catering to the religious and cultural diversity of their college students. My college campus has a few Christian student groups, but there is nothing for other religions, which is a shame. However, more colleges are catering to students of different religions, and are offering classes or extracurricular activities for anyone who […]

5 college tips to adjust to college life

Campus life and dorm life can be difficult to adjust to. This isn’t high school any more. Here is some college freshman advice and tips for all college students who want to thrive in or adjust to college life.

Colleges and universities adapt to millennial generation

As more and more students apply to colleges and universities, these institutions are adapting to the way students search for a college and to college students’ needs once they get there. The millennial generation specifically is changing the way colleges do business and is having an effect on enrollment and on college curriculum, such as […]

8 college tips for surviving the second semester

Like other college students, I got over the fear of my very first semester and looked forward to my second. Even after a few years, the second semester always felt easier to approach. I created my own do-it-yourself guide for surviving (and flourishing) in the second semester. Here are some college tips for the second […]

Semester at Sea: pros and cons

Semester at Sea is a study abroad program that offers college students a trip around the world onboard a cruise ship with stops at various cities for day-long off-ship travel and learning opportunities. Run by the Institute for Shipboard Education (ISE), the program is sponsored by the University of Virginia. The sea semester programs run […]

Ideas for holiday giving to not-for-profit charities

As a college student, I don’t have a lot of discretionary income that I can give away to charities during the holidays. But I volunteer at an animal shelter, which is my way of giving to the community. I have also bought some supplies that were tax deductible. Here are some ideas for holiday giving […]

Watch out for whooping cough, college students!

Is whooping cough contagious? Do bees fly? Whooping cough, also known as pertussis, is a highly contagious bacterial infection. Children who are not vaccinated are susceptible to whooping cough and can be carriers of the disease to adults who may need a booster pertussis vaccine. College students in proximity to lots of other people are […]

3-year degree academic option: pros and cons

I almost got a 3-year academic degree. I worked like heck for three years getting nearly all of my required courses and credits. My senior year was almost unnecessary, except for one or two courses I still needed. Rather than assuming a 4-year degree, college students can speed up their academics and graduate in three […]

Do-it-yourself job searching tips

While looking for a job, I combine the do-it-yourself approach with using search agency. With their help, I use my work experience and job searching skills to get a job interview. Those are the first steps in starting on my career path. Here are some DIY tips for college students seeking a job.

College tips: Save money and get organized

Due to the high cost of college and how busy I am all the time, I have to cut corners to save money and time wherever I can. College students can learn to streamline projects, get organized in your dorm room and reduce costs. Here are some college tips for the best ways to save […]