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Tips and tricks for new college students

Just getting into college is a major hurdle you’ve overcome. But too many students, once they get to college, learn that it is very different from high school. Here are a few oddball tips and tricks to get you through your first few days of college. There’s information on choosing a major, how you can […]

Best motivational quotes provide words of inspiration

When I’m overburdened with homework and difficult subjects, I have used a few quotes of inspiration to lift my spirits and keep me going. College students have lined their dorm rooms with posters of famous motivational quotes to provide words of inspiration. Here are some of the best motivational quotes from both the older and […]

College apps to stay organized

I use apps to keep all my appointments and to-do lists in one place, and many are useful for making a college schedule or keeping track of classes and homework. From studying, taking notes, storing information, sharing information, scheduling events and organizing college life, apps for college students are abundant and essential for staying organized. […]

Be prepared, employers view your social media websites

Social media is supposed to be fun, right? I like to post pictures of me and my friends having fun together doing crazy things. What’s the harm in that? Turns out a lot… if you plan to ever apply for a job someday. More and more employers are Googling you to see what kind of […]

Multitasking: pros and cons for academics

Multitasking seems to be one of those topics that everyone has an opinion about—good and bad. Studies show that college students who multitask, especially freshmen, may see adverse effects on their academics and GPA. However, if you are a multitasker, you can still be a successful student.

Off college campus and best study abroad programs

College students can improve their college GPA and academic profile by participating in some of the best study abroad programs, off-campus study or summer abroad opportunities. Getting off the college campus for part of your education is an opportunity for growth, responsibility and maturity.

4 ways college students can overcome shyness

College students are often too shy and may have trouble dealing with anxiety on college campus. Not only are we away from home and familiar surroundings, but we’ve been plunked into a sea of strange faces. Public speaking and making friends can be difficult. That’s why it’s important to learn how to overcome shyness and […]

Improve college GPA with a love of learning

One of my professors told our class that our bodies might have been physically present in the classroom, but if our hearts and minds were on vacation, no amount of his teaching was going to get through to us. He was right. We have to want to learn, want to work hard and want to […]

Tips for how to make a college schedule

College dorm life, academics and social life collide for college students, so it’s often difficult to keep it all organized. Unless you lived at a boarding school during high school, coming to college and living on campus is going to be a big change for you. Here are some tips on how to make a […]

Importance of ethnic diversity on college campus

Cultural and ethnic diversity on college campus provides college students a range of viewpoints and experiences from which to shape their academic and social lives. More and more colleges are striving to provide cultural diversity not only in their student body, but also faculty and staff and college admissions.