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Auditing a class: Student success without a grade

Auditing a class is an option for college students who do not need credit for that class but want a stress-free environment to learn the material or network in that field of study. Student success does not always require a grade. Here are some college tips if you want to audit a class and what […]

Relieve acne in college for good student health

It’s a new school year with lots of new people to meet. For college students, putting your best face forward means cleaning up your face if you’re prone to acne. While primarily a genetic problem (yes, you can blame your parents!), acne can be controlled and treated so it is kept to a minimum. It […]

College tips for homesickness: Improve campus life

Many college students feel homesickness. We miss the comfortable and predictable lifestyle that made us feel safe at home and during high school. Now everything is different, new and strange. Since good student health depends on working through being homesick, here are some college tips for a successful and happy campus life.

7 things college students DON’T need to bring to college

There are so many college tips for things a college freshman should bring when he or she leaves home, to have in their dorm rooms or to buy when they get there. You want to be prepared but you also want to enjoy campus life and not overdo it. To save money and to save […]

10 tips to prevent theft in college dorms

It’s a new school year. You’ll make lots of new friends, and people will be coming in and out of dorm rooms at all hours. Theft on a college campus can be a problem when college students aren’t careful. Don’t trust everyone and use common sense to make sure your belongings are safe and secure. […]

Expository writing for better research papers

Every college student needs to take expository writing to learn how to write clearly and concisely for an academic audience. Expository writing provides instruction on writing an essay, research paper or term paper. Here is an overview of expository writing and some writing tips. 

Sexual assault on college campus: Safety tips

Colleges and universities in the United States are waking up to the pervasive problem of sexual assault of college students on college campus. Many cases of sexual abuse are dismissed, unreported and unresolved. The U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights is investigating 67 colleges for possible Title IX violations related to sexual assaults. […]

7 embarrassing signs you’re a college freshman

Ah, freshman year! The hassles of campus life, college dorms, coping with stress and the dreaded Freshman 15. This article will help college freshmen learn to recognize those embarrassing signs that you’re new to all this college stuff and offer tips to adjust to college life and achieve student success. 1. You have way (WAY!) […]

Pros and cons of teacher tenure for college students

The advantages and disadvantages of teacher tenure in higher education have been debated, but what about tenure’s effects on student success? Tenure in academics offers professors job security, yet critics complain they may become complacent. Do tenured professors spend too much time researching and not enough time teaching?

6 tips to be prepared for college classes

“Be prepared!” is a motto not just for Boy Scouts — or the hyenas in The Lion King. A new school year is upon us, so how will you be prepared for class? From study tips to dorm life to student health, here are six tips for college students to be prepared for college life […]