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Abuse of prescription drugs on college campus

The nonmedical use of prescription drugs on college campuses is a growing problem. Many college students are using drugs such as Adderall, Ritalin and Concerta in the belief that they improve academics. In reality, many students who abuse prescription drugs perform poorly on tests and run the risk of dependency and even death. Here is some advice […]

Millennials and higher education: Influence of a generation

The Millennial generation has been categorized and labeled, sometimes with good qualities and sometimes not. But many people are studying this generation born between 1980 and 2000. Millennials have been called entitled, well educated, ambitious, confident, sheltered, diverse, team-oriented and dependent and deferent to authority. Millennial college students have unique educational needs and opportunities in higher […]

10 study strategies to ace your final exams

For your midterm exam or final exam, you need effective techniques to tackle the material. More than just reading over the notes you took in class, you need study guides that encompass the work you did the entire semester and that organize the material you might find on your final exams. Here are 10 college […]

8 college tips for roommate etiquette

Successfully living with your roommate in a dorm room is a rite of passage for many college students. This is a good time to learn responsibility, respect, conflict resolution, compromise, cleaning, effective communication…and especially roommate etiquette. A stress-free dorm life leads to student success. Here are some college tips for roommate etiquette in college dorms.

Resume tips for college students

College students can write their own resume to jump start their career path. Writing an effective and influential resume is an important task since the purpose of a resume is to be invited for a job interview. Some people opt to hire a professional resume writer, but if you know a few important rules, you […]

Creative writing tips to improve academics

No matter what your major is, it might be fun to take an Intro to Creative Writing course. In addition to studying literature and Expository Writing, learning how to write and think creatively can improve all aspects of academics. When you practice creative writing exercises, you are learning problem solving and discipline. Here are some […]

Dorm life hygiene tips for good student health

Maybe you’re a slob or a neat freak, but the cramped living conditions of dorm life on a college campus make for a struggle to achieve disease-free cleanliness and good student hygiene. Here are some hygiene tips for college students for personal appearance, dorm rooms and shared bathrooms.

5 ideas to find the perfect holiday gift for your bae

It’s that time of year for college students to start thinking about buying their bae a holiday gift. Budgets are tight, but you want to get something special without breaking the bank. You could consider homemade Christmas gift ideas or store bought gifts. Either way, the point should be that you got something they will treasure. […]

DIY phone case designs for college students

College students love to make a statement. Like our clothes and handbags, our phones are a fashionable extension of ourselves that enhances our college life. So why not custom design a DIY phone case? Here are some fun and easy do-it-yourself tips for creating your own phone case masterpiece.

7 college tips for roommates and off-campus housing

Hey, you’re a junior or senior and you’re ready to leave the dorm rooms behind and move off the college campus into an apartment of your own—a studio apartment or a house with a bunch of roommates. For college students, living off campus offers independence, learning about responsibility and leaving the distractions of dorm life. […]