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Career advice for the college graduate

College students hear a lot of career advice after college graduation. My teachers said to work hard, my parents said to get a good job, my friends told me to follow my heart, and my commencement speaker advised all us new graduates to be true to ourselves. Here is some more good advice for the […]

6 tips to prepare for your college graduation ceremony

I joined many college students in looking forward to my college graduation ceremony. Much of the pomp and circumstance, the cap, tassel and gown, are age-old traditions. For one, commencement (which means “to begin”) is traditionally the end of your academic life and the beginning of your career life. Here are some practical lifehack tips […]

6 public speaking tips for college students

Everyone has a fear of public speaking. I was so nervous when I had to speak in college. But public speaking and debate are great skills to learn not just for college classes but for your career and life in general. Here are some debate and public speaking tips for college students.

Top 7 summer jobs for college students

Summer jobs keep you busy, put bucks in your wallet and help you save money for next semester. In addition to academics, work experience looks good on your resume. I had several summer jobs during college. Some were not so pertinent to my career ambitions (waitress, jewelry clerk) and some I could use toward my […]

How to send an email to your college professor

I was lucky when I went to college. Most of my professors were friendly, approachable and genuinely interested in my academic success. Today, college students can send an email to a college professor for various reasons, such as asking for extra help or saying you’ll have to miss a class. Be polite and be specific.

Should these college students pay back their loans?

Just like you (unless of course you graduated debt free, then congrats!), I had student loans to pay back long after I graduated. But I attended a traditional, private, four-year college. However, some students who attended for-profit colleges joined the Department of Education (DOE) in a meeting hosted by the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau […]

What to know about the selfie stick ban

Name someone you know who doesn’t love to take pictures of themselves with their smartphones. Think of anyone? Nope? That’s what I thought. Have you heard that many summer music festivals, museums and sports stadiums have decided to ban selfie sticks that attach to phones? Before attending any of these destinations, make sure you know whether or not […]

Funny April Fool’s pranks for college students

College students love funny April Fool’s pranks perpetrated on their friends, classmates and teachers. Here are some classic April Fool’s jokes that have gone viral, plus some dorm room ideas for pranks you can do yourself.

The truth about unpaid internships

For college students, getting an internship is one more step toward a career. Prospective employers like to see internships on resumes, and internships provide real work experience that adds to your academics and helps you be prepared for a career path after graduation. But when considering your prospects of getting a job offer, there is […]

7 tips to fight writer’s block for college term paper

Spring break gave your brain a rest, now it’s time to get back into the swing of doing schoolwork. Writer’s block is bound to hit and hit hard. You stare at your blank computer screen and your brain turns to mush. You can’t write anything intelligible. Have no fear; here are some writing tips, some […]