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Be prepared: A degree planner tracks academic progress

With the new semester starting, now is a great time to take stock of your progress toward your degree. College students should learn how to use a Degree Planner to calculate the courses you still need to take so you can graduate on time. A Degree Planner helps you track your academic progress, calculate your […]

5 common myths about college academics debunked

Too many myths about academics hinder college students from performing academically and improving their college GPA. Here are some common myths debunked so you can be prepared for your final exam and term paper and perform well in school.

College students beat second semester blues

You’ve made it through your first semester final exams, hung out with friends and parents back home for the long holiday break – now it’s time to get back to college for the spring semester. Although the jitters and doubt about how you’ll handle your first semester of college are over, the second semester may also […]

Conferences discuss diverse issues in higher education

Each year there are numerous conferences that discuss diverse issues in higher education. Many are sponsored by associations of colleges and universities as well as government relations task forces that foster discussions of ways to improve access to college for all who want it, ensure college graduation, and provide employment opportunities. Here are various conferences […]

Liberal arts: Best college degrees?

There has been a debate for years about the value of a liberal arts and social sciences education to a successful professional career. Some say that in our increasingly globalized world, the best college degrees for college students are in such fields as social sciences, multiculturalism, politics, world religions and communications. Others say that a […]

5 tips for college students home for the holidays

For college students, going home for the holidays can be fun or it can be frustrating. You’ve spent a semester or more away from home, developing your independence through study, college life and maybe a part-time job. But when you’re home, your parents can’t adjust to how much you’ve changed and they want you to […]

Investment advice for the millennial generation

For the millennial generation, it’s time to start thinking of saving for your retirement. What?! That’s 40 years away! That’s why investment advisors say it’s the perfect time for college students to think about retirement savings and to learn what is 401(k) savings as soon as they get their first job. Millennials in the workplace […]

DIY projects for holiday gift baskets

Gift baskets are usually found at church raffles, but college students can make their own basket of goodies for that special someone. Do-it-yourself projects show the recipient that you took the time to make a creative, thoughtful and useful gift just for them. The options are almost endless for baskets. Just remember what your friend […]

College comparison: Larger vs. smaller colleges

The college you pick says a lot about what you want out of college life. Besides academics and college sports, college students consider many features when choosing a college. The size of the school you attend can determine the diversity of students, professor to student ratio, prestige, class size and other factors. Here is a […]

Body weight fitness for student health

From Thigh Master to Shake Weight to Zumba, exercise trends and gimmicks have been around for years. Each year fitness professionals (and marketing executives) predict what the next fitness trend will be. The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) conducted its annual fitness trend forecast based on survey responses from thousands of fitness professionals. Top […]