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Best commencement speeches given to college students

It’s that time of year for college students to listen to graduation speeches that they likely won’t remember a week after graduation. But some speeches that attempt to improve student success in the real world have become noteworthy, such as the Steve Jobs commencement speech. Below are snippets from some of the best commencement speeches. […]

How socializing benefits your college life

Academics aren’t the only reason you’re at college. Your social health is another aspect of college life in addition to your studies. Student success, as well as career success, depends on learning how to socialize and how to be a responsible member of a group. Here are some tips for college students who want to […]

Get the FAQs for college student academics

Whether you’re a freshman or a senior, college students have many questions. Some are perennial favorites, like why do I have to take electives. Others concern study habits and best strategies for a term paper. Here are a few answers to frequently asked questions and some college tips to help you get a student advantage […]

Be sustainable: Compost, recycle and the Pee Bus on campus

College students on campuses across the country are participating in environmental and sustainable projects that involve composting, recycling and growing community gardens and roof gardens. A college in New Hampshire even collects pee! Here are some conservation projects that are enhancing and keeping campus life sustainable as well as the environment—yes, even though Earth Day has […]

Heartbleed bug: 7 college tips to protect students

Monday, April 7, saw the discovery of the Heartbleed security breach that attacked the encryption protocol known as OpenSSL. Heartbleed can access the memory of data servers and sensitive personal data like usernames, passwords and credit card information that is saved there. Many popular websites that use OpenSSL have been scrambling to write software patches […]

4 things college students need to know while still in college

College life is full of hopes and dreams… and misconceptions. There are some things to expect in campus life and some big surprises. Besides getting an education, you learn to live on your own, make your own decisions, get an internship in a field you enjoy, etc. For your academic and emotional health—as well as […]

Change your major: Improve college GPA and student advantage

Now that you have a year or so of college under your belt, maybe you’re having second thoughts about your declared major. There’s no shame for college students in changing your major. The goal of college is to give you an education in a subject that interests you and to help you get a job […]

Top five questions to ask your professor before your final exam

With the season for final exams rapidly approaching, college students can engage their professor for help or advice. Don’t be afraid to meet with your professor before a final exam. Don’t be intimidated or feel like he or she will think you’re dumb for asking for help. Obtaining personalized attention from your teacher affords you […]

Do-it-yourself green cleaning tips for college dorms

College students – you don’t need expensive cleaning products and insect repellent for your dorm rooms. And you don’t need to jeopardize student health with many toxic ingredients found in traditional cleansers. Instead, you can make your own green cleaning solutions out of safe ingredients for an environmentally friendly clean. Here are some do-it-yourself tips […]

After a bad midterm exam: College tips to improve academics

Bad midterms are not the end of the world. Student success doesn’t hinge on one test. There are ways for college students to improve study habits and get a better grade on your subsequent tests and final exam. Did you suffer from a lousy midterm exam? Worried your academics aren’t up to par? Here are […]