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Travel tips: Visit America’s oddities

For awesome vacation spots, the United States has the Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, the islands of Hawaii and the excitement of Las Vegas. It also has Manhattanhenge, the Mütter Museum, Winchester Mystery House and other oddities. Summer vacation travel tips for college students can include some of America’s crazy destinations. Get the scoop here about […]

Don’t be a slob, clean your dorm room

Cleaning college dorms is one of the least favorite chores for college students. You get flashbacks of your mom yelling, “Clean your room!” But cleaning dorm rooms can be really quick and easy if you have the right plan and know what to clean. Dusting and vacuuming are only the beginning. I’ll share some college […]

If you need a job, follow these resume tips

You graduated college. Yeah! You need a job. Oh. How do you start, how do you get your foot in the door, how can you write a killer resume and cover letter? The job market is still tough, you’re competing with lots of other college students, and you don’t have a whole lot of experience […]

8 things you need to know in college

For the newbie and the senior, college is a strange world unto itself. It’s either a playground with no rules and no parents, or it’s Life 101. Whatever stage of college life you’re in, here are some need to know study tips for college, and advice for navigating the college years and coping with stress.

How to identify your career path

I like to grow flowers and plants, should I major in horticulture and make it my career? I tinker on my dad’s car, should I study mechanical engineering and design cars for a living? There are many questions college students ask themselves about the direction of their career path. Consult a mentor or guidance counselor […]

5 smart questions you must ask during your job interview

This is the time of year when college students are off to an internship, summer job or a new career after graduation. At your job interview you’ll hear frequently asked questions about the job requirements and about your qualifications. But often the most terrifying question is, “Do you have any questions for me?” It’s easy […]

Best commencement speeches given to college students

It’s that time of year for college students to listen to graduation speeches that they likely won’t remember a week after graduation. But some speeches that attempt to improve student success in the real world have become noteworthy, such as the Steve Jobs commencement speech. Below are snippets from some of the best commencement speeches. […]

How socializing benefits your college life

Academics aren’t the only reason you’re at college. Your social health is another aspect of college life in addition to your studies. Student success, as well as career success, depends on learning how to socialize and how to be a responsible member of a group. Here are some tips for college students who want to […]

Get the FAQs for college student academics

Whether you’re a freshman or a senior, college students have many questions. Some are perennial favorites, like why do I have to take electives. Others concern study habits and best strategies for a term paper. Here are a few answers to frequently asked questions and some college tips to help you get a student advantage […]

Be sustainable: Compost, recycle and the Pee Bus on campus

College students on campuses across the country are participating in environmental and sustainable projects that involve composting, recycling and growing community gardens and roof gardens. A college in New Hampshire even collects pee! Here are some conservation projects that are enhancing and keeping campus life sustainable as well as the environment—yes, even though Earth Day has […]