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5 ways to improve your college GPA

You may not think your college GPA is important as long as you graduate and get your degree. But employers look at your GPA, which shows them what kind of a student you were, your ambition and your dedication, all traits that will reflect on you as a prospective employee. With a good GPA, you […]

Increase in college enrollment: pros and cons

College enrollment has increased dramatically after the financial crisis of 2008 as newly unemployed professionals as well as young adult college students hope to attain the best college degrees so they can be more employable and find a lucrative career. According to the U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, between 2001 and […]

7 do-it-yourself dorm room essentials

There are many cool items college students need and want for their dorm room. Here are some college tips for a few of the inexpensive essentials for a fun, safe and clean dorm, many of which are do-it-yourself for less money.

6 college tips for learning a foreign language

Many college students who study business are encouraged to learn a foreign language, such as Mandarin Chinese. But all students, regardless of major, can improve academics and boost their career opportunities. Whether you decide to study Spanish, Chinese, Arabic or French, here are six college tips for learning a foreign language.

President Obama offers free community college

President Obama recently proposed offering free tuition for two-year community college. The free tuition would be available for low-income students who maintain a good college GPA. The goal of the proposal is to increase graduation rates of college students with some exposure to higher education, allow more students to transfer to four-year colleges and to […]

Be prepared: A degree planner tracks academic progress

With the new semester starting, now is a great time to take stock of your progress toward your degree. College students should learn how to use a Degree Planner to calculate the courses you still need to take so you can graduate on time. A Degree Planner helps you track your academic progress, calculate your […]

5 common myths about college academics debunked

Too many myths about academics hinder college students from performing academically and improving their college GPA. Here are some common myths debunked so you can be prepared for your final exam and term paper and perform well in school.

College students beat second semester blues

You’ve made it through your first semester final exams, hung out with friends and parents back home for the long holiday break – now it’s time to get back to college for the spring semester. Although the jitters and doubt about how you’ll handle your first semester of college are over, the second semester may also […]

Conferences discuss diverse issues in higher education

Each year there are numerous conferences that discuss diverse issues in higher education. Many are sponsored by associations of colleges and universities as well as government relations task forces that foster discussions of ways to improve access to college for all who want it, ensure college graduation, and provide employment opportunities. Here are various conferences […]

Liberal arts: Best college degrees?

There has been a debate for years about the value of a liberal arts and social sciences education to a successful professional career. Some say that in our increasingly globalized world, the best college degrees for college students are in such fields as social sciences, multiculturalism, politics, world religions and communications. Others say that a […]