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4 ideas to improve your average college GPA

Let’s say you’re getting by in college. You’re attending your classes, taking subjects you like and understand, having a great social life. Your grades are only okay – Bs and Cs, an occasional A. You’re ready for some ideas on ways to take that extra step to push yourself into higher grades and improved average […]

College admissions review criminal record of applicants

How does revealing a criminal record affect prospective college students who have to provide that information on college admissions applications? The college Common Application is a website where college applicants can fill out a form that is used by 500 schools. The form gathers extensive information on applicants, including the question “Do you have a […]

Free SAT test prep for prospective college students

Prospective college students now have access to free SAT test prep classes through a partnership between the Khan Academy online educational site and the College Board, which administers the SAT college admissions test. In an effort to improve student academics and SAT test scores, the two organizations will make SAT tutor classes available to high […]

5 tips on how to make new friends on college campus

College students often want to learn how to make new friends. The best places on college campus are usually the class room, dorm room or a sports team. But don’t limit yourself. There are many other places and ways you can be making friends in college. Don’t be afraid to make friends with people from […]

10 things college students need to know

When I was in college, I learned through trial and error. “Learn from your mistakes,” is what people say. Nevertheless, I wish I had a handy list of things to know for college students so I would’ve been more prepared. Well, here is one I made up for you. Here is some advice on various […]

Career advice for the college graduate

College students hear a lot of career advice after college graduation. My teachers said to work hard, my parents said to get a good job, my friends told me to follow my heart, and my commencement speaker advised all us new graduates to be true to ourselves. Here is some more good advice for the […]

6 tips to prepare for your college graduation ceremony

I joined many college students in looking forward to my college graduation ceremony. Much of the pomp and circumstance, the cap, tassel and gown, are age-old traditions. For one, commencement (which means “to begin”) is traditionally the end of your academic life and the beginning of your career life. Here are some practical lifehack tips […]

6 public speaking tips for college students

Everyone has a fear of public speaking. I was so nervous when I had to speak in college. But public speaking and debate are great skills to learn not just for college classes but for your career and life in general. Here are some debate and public speaking tips for college students.

Top 7 summer jobs for college students

Summer jobs keep you busy, put bucks in your wallet and help you save money for next semester. In addition to academics, work experience looks good on your resume. I had several summer jobs during college. Some were not so pertinent to my career ambitions (waitress, jewelry clerk) and some I could use toward my […]

How to send an email to your college professor

I was lucky when I went to college. Most of my professors were friendly, approachable and genuinely interested in my academic success. Today, college students can send an email to a college professor for various reasons, such as asking for extra help or saying you’ll have to miss a class. Be polite and be specific.