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Top 10 worst gifts you could possibly get someone this holiday season

As crazy as it seems, it’s about that time of year to start deciding on gifts for your friends and family – seriously, where has this year gone?! It’s quite important to select gifts that truly reflect the personalities of those nearest and dearest to you. Especially if you ever want a nice, thoughtful gift […]

Top 5 tips for a healthy all-nighter study sesh

We all know that studying frequently throughout the semester is your best bet for getting an A in your courses, but like many college students, you’re bound to have an all-nighter study session here and there during your college career (I know I have!). Or maybe you forgot a big assignment or paper and only […]

Last chance: Activate your digital learning solutions NOW!

For several weeks now I’ve been reminding you to activate your digital products so you can get off to a good start to the new school year. I can almost guarantee that many of you thought you’d wait until the last minute to do so – are you nodding your head in agreement? If that’s […]

Start the year off right by improving time management

College students, we know you are busy – really busy. Between academics, work, social activities, sports, clubs, family responsibilities and volunteering, you face endless pressure on your time. And although it is important to be well rounded and maintain a full and satisfying schedule, juggling so many commitments can often lead to burnout and fatigue. […]

#NothingIsCrazy for the charity: water September Campaign

For the 2015 September Campaign, charity: water has set a goal to bring clean water to 50,000 people in need – and YOU can help! This year it’s all about teamwork. Visit the charity: water September Campaign page to find out what some of the brave, nerdy and not-so-bashful fundraisers are doing to bring clean […]

Tick tock, tick tock… Time is running out! Activate your digital products now!

You’re finally getting into the groove of the new school year so I realize you’re probably quite busy, BUT the clock is ticking, and it’s time to activate your digital learning solutions before time runs out. Another reason to activate now? Your grade depends on it. This goes for a new college student who wants […]

Pat Tillman Foundation and U-Haul team up to help scholars

Did you know that U-Haul teams up with the Pat Tillman Foundation every year to raise scholarship funds for the Tillman Scholars program? Well, now you do! They are a proud sponsor of Pat’s Run, which takes place each April in Tempe, Arizona, and bring 35,000 supporters to honor Pat Tillman’s legacy.

Instructor recommended, student approved – Activate your digital learning solutions now!

You’re officially heading back to school at this very moment! It’s time to take on another school year, and I figured I could offer you some helpful words of wisdom to help you get acquainted with your studies. First of all, you know those digital learning solutions you’ve heard your instructors speak of? Activate them… […]

Learn about the SCA and its impact on youth

As part of CengageBrain’s Extra Credit Program, we like to know what’s happening with each of our contributing charities and share those stories with you, our valued followers! A recent study presented the positive impact the Student Conservation Association (SCA) has had on youth. The new research showed that SCA has increased conservation awareness, along […]

5 smart study habits you need to adopt now

One huge difference I noticed during my transition from high school to college is how much studying is involved. In high school everything used to come so much easier, then I got to college and realized I’d need more than just my class notes and textbook to be truly prepared. I realized that studying in college is […]