Nail your next job interview with these tips

Whether you are searching for your first real job, trying to find a summer internship or applying to graduate school, those interview questions you will face can be nerve wracking.

Our interview tips might come of use to you. (Credit:

Our interview tips might come of use to you. (Credit:

One way to stay calm is to be prepared with a host of life hacks I’ve compiled from my own hard-won interview experiences (including a marathon session that lasted two hours where I got traded around to six different people). Read more

Study and workout at the same time? Why not!

Ah… the gym—a place too many of us should go to but don’t. I know it’s way too easy for me to just roll over and get some extra sleep, rather than getting up and out to start my day with exercise. If you’re like me, you’re looking for workout tips for how to get fit this spring.

You can (and should!) workout and study at the same time. (Credit: Elhenyo's Pictures)

You can (and should!) workout and study at the same time. (Credit: Elhenyo’s Pictures)

Whether you are the kind of college student that likes to do crunches while memorizing notecards or the kind who thinks that rolling out of bed is enough activity for one day, incorporating a little exercise into your daily routine can provide many benefits. Even though it’s hard to make myself do it, I know I always feel better after I’ve had some activity in my day! Read more

Do’s and don’ts on how to email your professor

Communication skills are a big deal, and there is no better time than the present to practice yours. When it comes to emailing your professor, there are some email etiquette tips that you need to follow to impress.

Read on for all the things you need to know. Read more

You ask, we answer: So, about that weird dream…

Hi J,

Last night I had a weird dream about birds…


Have you ever had a weird dream about birds?

Have you ever had a weird dream about birds?

Hi Bill,

Wait, you have those dreams too?! Read more

Go ahead and have that cup of coffee!

Admission: I love Starbucks. I dig independent coffee shops. I brew coffee at home. I add all sorts of crazy stuff to my coffee to make it just the way I like it (sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, sometimes imitation rum extract to emulate the out-of-season Tiramisu Latte Starbucks had for awhile). Some people might say that I drink too much coffee, even though I only have 12 to 16 oz. per day. (I don’t count decaf. Who would?)

In need of coffee? Go for it! (Credit: Pexels)

In need of coffee? Go for it! (Credit: Pexels)

But even if you’re not calculating caffeine amounts, there are studies that suggest coffee health effects can actually be–believe it or not–positive. That’s right! It might be able to extend your life, prevent cirrhosis related to alcohol consumption, and reduce the risk for getting type 2 diabetes. Read more

3 money saving ideas that might actually work!

It’s not easy being a poor college student. While I balance studying for classes with work study and other jobs on campus, I will still end up with a huge student loan balance to pay off after graduation. Lucky for me, my food is included in those loans, and I eat most of my meals in the cafeteria. But some college students aren’t so lucky, and turn to ramen noodles just to stay full.



Everyone could use some ideas to help them with how to save money (I can always use a few extra ways to make my budget go farther), but when you live in student housing and have to manage life on campus, it can be extra difficult. Take a look at these three ways to save money… you might find something that will work for you! Read more

Is psychology the right major for you?

Psychology is one of the most popular college majors and often ranks at the top for most colleges and universities. College students who want to study psychology are often cultivated by schools. Yet critics say that there are too many psychology majors who have little prospect for a decent career after they graduate.

Are you interested in a psychology major? (Credit:

Are you interested in a psychology major? (Credit:

Here is some information to contradict the critics. When choosing a major, psychology can still be in the running. Read more

What you should know before you vote in the 2016 election

In case you may not know, I want to remind you that the 2016 Presidential election will be on November 8, 2016. Why should you vote? College voter turnout may be a deciding factor in 2016 as it was in electing Barack Obama in 2012. Who are you for?

Have you decided who to vote for in the 2016 Presidential election? (Credit: Theresa Thompson)

Have you decided who to vote for in the 2016 Presidential election? (Credit: Theresa Thompson)

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are the 2016 presidential candidates currently leading the field. The next few months will determine which of them gets to run for President in November. Here are a few things you should know about voting. Read more

You ask, we answer: My roomie has an allergy!

Dear J,

My new roommate is allergic to peanuts! My favorite food to sustain life on, is peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. How will I go on!?!? Even if I give up my soul food, I’m terrified that a soap/food/product I buy will have peanuts in it! What should I do?


Rebecca W


I’m sorry that your PB&J relationship is on the rocks! I’m no doctor but I’ve definitely had a roommate with a shellfish allergy so here is what I can tell you. Read more

Let’s brush up on those concentration and study skills

The whole purpose of college, at least according to your parents, is for you to study hard, learn lots and start living off your own dime—or something like that. But you probably have some other ideas about how to spend your four (or so) years of higher education.

Remember to stay focused.

Remember to stay focused.

I’ve got some tips that will improve concentration and boost your study skills quotient exponentially so you can have fun without sacrificing learning. Read on for everything from technology tips to old school tried-and-true “how to study” methods to get you that A. Read more