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Jerry Seinfeld thinks college students are too politically correct

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld started a flap about standup comedy when he appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers on June 8, 2015. Seinfeld, who became a sensation in the 90s with his own TV show, stated that he would no longer do gigs on college campuses because college students have become too politically correct (PC).

Do you think college students are too politically correct? (Credit: Consequence of Sound)

Do you think college students are too politically correct? (Credit: Consequence of Sound)

His remarks were surprising because Seinfeld is one of the least controversial comedians. So it’s got to make you ask, are college students too politically correct for comedy? Read more

Rundown on upcoming movies and recent movie releases

Need to escape from your daily obligations of studying and homework? Upcoming movies and recent movie releases offer everything you could ask for in the way of action, adventure, history, biography and a good hearty laugh. You can choose from the biblical story of Noah to the valiant accomplishments of union activist Cesar Chavez. Action fans will welcome the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger to the screen while comedy fans will enjoy Wes Anderson’s “The Grand Budapest Hotel”. Here’s a quick rundown on some of the recent movie releases and those to come.

A scene from the recent movie "The Grand Budapest Hotel." (Credit: media.zuza.com)

A scene from the recent movie “The Grand Budapest Hotel.” (Credit: media.zuza.com)

A rundown on The Grand Budapest Hotel

Wes Anderson has assembled a cast that includes Bill Murray, Ralph Fiennes, Angela Lansbury and Jude Law to tell the story of Gustave H. Gustave, a concierge at a famous European hotel during the 1930s who, among other adventures, engages in numerous affairs with elderly rich women. Read more

Final exam horror stories

What not to do during final exams. (Courtesy of Sneha Wadhwani)

What not to do during final exams. (Courtesy of Sneha Wadhwani)

Ever have that dream that you’re taking a test and you never studied for it? It’s a common occurrence of nervous test takers. Or what if you slept late, or went to your final exam in your pajamas? You know you have good study habits and have listened to all the study tips for college students. But what if the unexpected happens? Are you prepared? Here are some horror stories of final exams.

“The Dream” that you never studied for the test

A common dream for students is arriving on test day and realizing you never studied, never went to any classes or never even knew you were signed up for the course. Or, worse yet, that you arrived to class naked. Read more

How to take a selfie (without being a jerk)

The difference between a good and bad selfie is knowing the right time to take them. #authorselfie

The difference between a good and bad selfie is knowing the right time to take them. #authorselfie

Your profile picture is woefully out of date. Your roommate is asleep. It’s just you and your smart phone and it’s 2 a.m., and this has to be done right now (because some things become ridiculously important at two in the morning). You need a selfie. But there’s a fine art of taking a selfie – and there are some tips and tricks that can keep you from looking like a jerk. Given the rise of Instagram selfies taken while driving (distracted driving much?) – or the Tumblr that collects selfies taken at funerals – it’s easy to get so caught up in that photo op that, rather than looking good online, you give yourself a bad reputation. Here are some tips on how to – and how not to – take a good selfie. Read more

Scary prank videos and other tricks for Halloween

Office prank where desks have been covered with Halloween effects. (Courtesy of Joe Goldberg)

Office prank where desks have been covered with Halloween effects. (Courtesy of Joe Goldberg)

Need ideas for the perfect Halloween? You’ll get more than a few when you check out the many scary prank videos on the Internet. You can get your ghoul on with inspiration from the haunted shopping cart to the telekinetic girl who has a Carrie-style breakdown in a coffee shop. It’s that time of year when you can let yourself go and enter the world of the weird and absurd. Let’s check out the highlights.

History of Halloween

Just how did we start celebrating such a strange holiday? Most texts attribute Halloween’s beginning to ancient Celtic religious festivals like Samhain. At that time, November 1 was the beginning of the New Year. Read more

The reaction to Apple iOS 7 — The good, the bad, the issues

Apple iOS 7It’s that time of year again folks. Late September and a techie’s heart turns to the latest release from the wunderkinds at Apple. This year devotees of all things Macintosh-related were greeted with a two-fer: a new operating system, iOS 7, and a pair of new smartphones, the iPhone 5s and 5c. So what is the reaction to Apple iOS 7? Techies and critics are coming down on the side of bad, while many Apple users seem to think the new system is good. Read on for the breakdown.

Read more

Cheap Halloween costume ideas guaranteed to be spooktacular!

Halloween costume of Towelie, South Park character

Simple Halloween costume of Towelie, South Park character 

Chilly days and crisp leaves mean more than just returning to campus for fall term. It also means that Halloween is just around the corner — and before you know it, your inbox will be jammed full of Evites for the numerous bashes happening around town. Your goal: to find a unique, flattering, cool, trendy costume that is also budget-friendly. The great news is that you have come to the right place. Whether you are going solo, as a couple or getting a group together for the best Halloween party on campus, these cheap Halloween costume ideas will definitely make you the hit of any soiree!


Maybe your best friend is a party pooper and refuses to dress up for Halloween—or perhaps your significant other does NOT want to be the yin to your yang. Who cares? There are plenty of great solo costumes available. Read more

Are mermaids real? Mockumentary shows need for developing critical thinking skills

Do mermaids exist?Have you ever wondered, “Are mermaids real?” Maybe when you were eight years old and saw the Disney movie. But since then you’ve excelled (hopefully) at developing critical thinking skills. Many are asking the question again however, after the Sunday, May 26, 2013 airing of the mockumentary, “Mermaids: The New Evidence” on Animal Planet. What’s surprising is that the network, known for its information-based content, attracted something like 3.6 million viewers, its largest audience to date. Read more

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