College students: Learn how to use LinkedIn to get a job

If you’re like me, you probably spend way too much time using social media. Instead of posting pictures of yourself taking jello shots, how about learning how to use LinkedIn to help you get a job after graduation?

Find out why college students need a LinkedIn account. (Credit:

Find out why college students need a LinkedIn account. (Credit:

Of all the life hacks you can develop some of the best life hacks involve learning how to network and make the kind of contacts that can help you in your career. Here are few ideas on how LinkedIn can get you on the road to success and why you should be using it now. Read more

Create a digital portfolio: Your job search strategy is out of date

Just when you thought you had it all figured out, new data shows that what you thought was important in your job search may not be what recruiters and employers are looking for.

Get started on your digital portfolio today! (Credit: Pathbrite)

Get started on your digital portfolio today! (Credit: Pathbrite)

We’ve already seen evidence in the past that your college GPA doesn’t have that much impact on your job search, but a new study from Jobvite is showing that your cover letter doesn’t hold much sway with recruiters either. 63% of recruiters surveyed said that your cover letter is the least important aspect of your profile, and “57% said GPAs were practically irrelevant.” Read more

Abuse of prescription drugs by college students

Most college students know the dangers of illegal drug use and alcohol abuse on college campus. But an alarming and growing trend is abuse of prescription drugs of stimulants like Adderall and Ritalin, also known as “study drugs,” to improve memory retention and academic performance.

How big of an issue is abuse of prescription drugs in college? (Credit: NBC Right Now)

How big of an issue is abuse of prescription drugs in college? (Credit: NBC Right Now)

Instead, the dangerous side effects of abuse and chance of addiction should make college students steer clear. Read more

Grooming tips for college students

As the fall semester ramps up it isn’t long before the health and beauty routines of college students go right out the window. Who has time for proper grooming? But looking good is still going to help you make a good impression on fellow students and your professors. If you’re a natural beauty, cherish these years of youth.

Follow these easy grooming tips for college students. (Credit: That Desi Girl)

Follow these easy grooming tips for college students. (Credit: That Desi Girl)

As for the rest of us, we’ll need some life hacks on makeup ideas and other life skills. Even the guys need to learn how to groom a beard. So let’s look at some grooming tips for college students. Read more

Things you need to know about making friends freshman year

Not to put any more pressure on you, but it is important that you focus on making friends during the first few weeks of your freshman year in college. Otherwise you will die sad and alone. Just kidding.

Making friends in college doesn't have to be hard. (Credit:

Making friends in college doesn’t have to be hard. (Credit:

But there are some things you need to know about the best places, times and ways to find friends when you are at school, because your bestie probably won’t be your freshman year roommate — mine sure wasn’t. Read more

Last chance: Activate your digital learning solutions NOW!

For several weeks now I’ve been reminding you to activate your digital products so you can get off to a good start to the new school year. I can almost guarantee that many of you thought you’d wait until the last minute to do so – are you nodding your head in agreement? If that’s the case, you NEED to activate your digital products now!

Trust me, I know what it’s like to be a procrastinator, but you’ll thank me once you realize what you’ve been missing out on. In case you need a few reasons as to why you should, keep reading to learn more. Read more

Start the year off right by improving time management

College students, we know you are busy – really busy. Between academics, work, social activities, sports, clubs, family responsibilities and volunteering, you face endless pressure on your time. And although it is important to be well rounded and maintain a full and satisfying schedule, juggling so many commitments can often lead to burnout and fatigue.

Luckily, with a few small changes, you can start the school year off right, gain more control over your schedule and kick procrastination to the curb. And the best part? Successful time management can have a major positive impact on grades and classroom performance. In addition, students who improve their time management report less stress, better focus and improved quality of life. Check out our 7 tips for time management for college students.

What other time management tips can you offer other college students? Share them with us in the comments.

Tick tock, tick tock… Time is running out! Activate your digital products now!

You’re finally getting into the groove of the new school year so I realize you’re probably quite busy, BUT the clock is ticking, and it’s time to activate your digital learning solutions before time runs out. Another reason to activate now? Your grade depends on it.

This goes for a new college student who wants to start college off on a good note or a veteran college student who is trying to improve their GPA. Activate now to ensure that you get the grades YOU want this semester. Read more

Tips and tricks for new college students

Just getting into college is a major hurdle you’ve overcome. But too many students, once they get to college, learn that it is very different from high school. Here are a few oddball tips and tricks to get you through your first few days of college.

What tips do you recommend for new college students? (Credit: Firestone)

What tips do you recommend for new college students? (Credit: Firestone)

There’s information on choosing a major, how you can do what you love, how to get organized, and accessing accommodations for students with disabilities. Read more

College = FREEDOM!!

Once you’re in college you’re free! Free to stay up till the break of dawn and experience new things! With freedom can come the unwanted. An extra 15 lbs., credit card debt or academic probation. But how can you enjoy the freedom without the negatives?

I have compiled five helpful CengageBrain articles to help you stay free of freedom’s negative consequences. To view the full article, click on the article title. Read more