How to repair your reputation—online and in life

swimming-catWe all have things in our past that we aren’t proud of. And if you’re just returning from that wild spring break trip, it might not be a bad idea to see what’s been posted to your social media accounts. So how to repair your reputation, in life and online, before your wayward deeds come back to haunt you? There are things you can do to clean up and fix how the world perceives you, whether it is with your friends and family, potential employers or future co-workers. Read on for ways to dispose of the things that could affect your reputation.

The fundamentals of reputation repair

You’ve done something wrong—posted a picture from a raging party you shouldn’t have, lied to someone you care about or even broken a law. There are steps you can take to repair your reputation, although you can’t erase the misdeed. Read more

How college students can avoid spring break travel scams

If you plan to travel out of the country, having an updated passport is essential. (Credit: Full Issue)

If you plan to travel out of the country, having an updated passport is essential. (Credit: Full Issue)

There may still be snow where you are, but it’s not too early to start planning your spring break travel. Unfortunately, some of those great deals you find online or through a little-known travel company may result in travel scams or outright fraud. You can protect yourself from some of the most common scams by reading the fine print in any agreement you sign, or using your credit card to make purchases (since credit cards are insured against fraud). You can also help protect your parents against spring break phone scams. To get tips on how to avoid scams during your spring break, keep reading! Read more

Service project opportunity: The CengageBrain Alternative Spring Break Contest!

Are you passionate about helping people?

cb_blog_alternative_spring_break_240x255_v01_jjAre you looking to utilize your leadership skills by making an impact in a particular community? If so, let us know about it and you could win up to $2,500 to fund your very own Alternative Spring Break project!

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We at are giving away the CengageBrain Leadership in Service Award to one student, or group of students, who will spend their spring break serving those in need. Along with receiving The CengageBrain Leadership in Service Award, you and up to [4] of your friends or classmates will be rewarded with $500 each to be used for airfare, food, lodging and other related expenses while participating in the service project of your choice! Read more

Spring break travel tips for college students—how to stay safe

By making spring break plans in advanced, you will reduce unnecessary stress.

By making spring break plans in advanced, you will reduce unnecessary stress.

Hitting the road with your best friends is a time-honored ritual, and spring break has quickly become the epitome of bonding for college students. But as important as the fun you plan to have is how to stay safe while you are relaxing and taking a break from classes. Read on for some spring break travel tips that will ensure your spring break is memorable for all the right reasons. And if you’re thinking “I know these already,” we get it. But it never hurts to be over-prepared!

Prep in advance

You don’t want to start out on your spring break journey stressed out because you aren’t prepared. A little advance thinking can save you from a major problem down the road. Read more

Student advantage: Best online deals and discounts for students

Student Advantage Cardholders are entitled to exclusive student discounts at more than 35,000 locations nationwide.

Student Advantage Cardholders are entitled to exclusive student discounts at more than 35,000 locations nationwide.

Student advantage is the name for a couple of different programs that can help students save money on their purchases. Saving money while in school is a necessity. Learning how to save and find the best online deals is a skill that will help you through the rest of your life. So roll up your sleeves and let’s learn what it takes to become a master saver and shopper. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Student Advantage

On October 15, 2013, Microsoft Office 365 Education announced its Student Advantage program. Read more

Vacation packing list — Top tips on what to pack and what to cut

Travel Guides

Travel Guides (Photo credit: Vanessa (EY))

Summer vacation is as much a part of college life as the classes. Think warms sands at a beach, a hike in the mountains, or an adventure in a far-off land. Pack a good book, some music and a bottle of water, and that should do it. Well, you’ll need to think beyond the immediate needs of a relaxing vacation. Ask yourself: what are my activities, where will I be going, what will I be doing in the evening as well as in the daytime, am I prepared for an emergency? These are all important considerations when you create your vacation packing list. Read more

Distracted driving concern amplified by Texas A&M car accident and Spanish train crash

Distracted driving

Distracted driving (Photo credits:

On July 30, two college football players, Texas A&M defensive lineman Polo Manukainiu, 19, and Utah defensive lineman Gaius Vaenuku, 18, were killed in a single-car accident. The former high-school teammates, along with Utah offensive tackle Siaosi Uhatafe and his family, were making a 22-hour drive back to Texas on little sleep, according to a tweet from Manukainiu before the accident. Uhatafe, the driver, was the only passenger wearing a seatbelt. The deaths of these young men, on the heels of a fatal Spanish train wreck in which the conductor was on his cell phone while driving, brings attention to the dangers of distracted driving. If you’re hitting the road this summer — or getting ready to make a long drive back to college this fall — be sure to keep your wits about you and pay attention to the surrounding hazards. Read more

How to stay focused in college after contracting spring fever

English: This is the picture of the First Stre...Don’t look now, but college campuses throughout most of the country are being hit with a highly contagious disease known as spring fever. Signs that you have contracted this include: staring blankly out the window during lecture, little or no desire to attend class, preferring to be outside instead of in the library (okay, this symptom may not be just from spring fever), an overwhelming ability to want to sit in the sun, and a strong sense to forgo your studies and have fun. If you do catch spring fever, fear not. There are ways that you can beat it. Just follow these tips on how to stay focused in college — even during spring term! Read more

How to get in shape for spring break 2013…or at least before summer!

Student fitnessOkay everybody, listen up. Depending on when your spring break 2013 falls, you only have a few weeks left to get your body swimsuit ready — and this year you can do it without the fad diets. No eating cabbage soup or starving yourself with the three-day diet. Instead, check out some of these tips and find out how to get in shape before you hit the beach this spring.

Exercise is important

It can cost a lot of money to get in shape, and most college students are on a strict budget. Read more

Spring break 2013: 10 ways to ruin your cross-country road trip

Road tripAhhh…the open road. There is nothing quite like jumping in the car with your best buds—and spring break 2013 might be the perfect time to do it. However, before you take off, there are a few road trip tips to consider. First, keep in mind that you are all traveling together…for a number of days…in the same vehicle…with no way to leave. Second, be sure that you have everything (and everyone) you need for the trip before you depart. And third, avoid the following road trip mistakes at all cost. Trust me! Drum roll, please! Here are the ten ways to guarantee that your cross-country road trip will be an utter disaster: Read more