After a bad midterm exam: College tips to improve academics

Always keep in mind that it's never too late to succeed.

Always keep in mind that it’s never too late to succeed.

Bad midterms are not the end of the world. Student success doesn’t hinge on one test. There are ways for college students to improve study habits and get a better grade on your subsequent tests and final exam. Did you suffer from a lousy midterm exam? Worried your academics aren’t up to par? Here are some tips for college students to study better and improve your overall grade in the class.

Don’t get discouraged

Grace Fleming wrote in “Improving Bad Grades: Change Your Habits and Improve Your Grades” for’s Homework/Study Tips: “It is easy to get the blues when you receive low scores on a big test or a homework assignment, but you can’t let poor performance get you down. There is always time to make things better. … Just don’t get down on yourself!” Read more

What should I major in and does it matter?

When picking a major, it helps to see what job options will be available after graduation.

When picking a major, it helps to see what job options will be available after graduation.

You picked a college, got in and thought the hard decisions were behind you. But there is still that little wrinkle of picking a college major. You know … that decision that will determine the entire course of the rest of your life—what your career is, how you live, who you marry? Okay, some of that may be exaggeration, maybe even all of it. So if you haven’t already answered the question—what should I major in?—there is no time like the present. Once you have an answer, then you can decide—does it matter?

What is a college major?

Just to make sure we’re on the same page, let’s talk a little bit about what a major is. The College Board’s Big Future site offers up an answer in their post “The College Major: What It Is and How to Choose One:” “A major is a specific subject area that students specialize in. Typically, between one-third and one-half of the courses you’ll take in college will be in your major or related to it.” Read more

Future jobs for liberal arts majors: What are the job prospects?

When picking a college major, consider what gives you the best chance at a job right out of college.

When picking a college major, consider what gives you the best chance at a job right out of college.

Worried that your humanities major might be dooming you to a life of ramen noodles from your basement apartment at your parent’s house? Well never fear. A recent study from the AAC&U and the National Center for Higher Education Management Systems has shown that liberal arts majors do have a shot at not only gainful employment, but also a career that equals the economic opportunities of graduates with a professional or pre-professional degree. So what are the job prospects for a liberal arts major? What future jobs are in store for you?

Long-term job prospects

There seems to be a lot of talk recently about the value in a liberal arts education, even though many people say that degrees in the humanities don’t offer the same job prospects that other courses of study do. However, on January 22, 2014, in “Liberal arts grads win long-term” for Inside Higher Ed, Allie Grasgreen reported that a study by the AAC&U and the National Center for Higher Education Management Systems found, over the long term, liberal arts majors do just as well earnings-wise. Read more

Degrees that will increase college students odds of finding a job after graduation

Monroe Community College Graduation at The Blue Cross Arena at the Rochester War Memorial. (Credit: David Maiolo)

Monroe Community College Graduation at The Blue Cross Arena at the Rochester War Memorial. (Credit: David Maiolo)

If you’re wondering what college degree will guarantee you a job after graduation, there may not be a fool proof answer, but some degrees certainly hold their weight in gold more than others. Recent surveys show that some of the college degrees that increase your odds of finding a job after graduation are the ones that have been trending for several years now, but what’s interesting, are the ones that maybe you didn’t know even existed.

The most job offers

According to data from the National Association for Colleges and Employers (NACE), reported in the Forbes post, “The College Degrees That Get The Most Job Offers,” by Susan Adams January 22, 2014, the top five college majors that produced the highest percentage of students reporting at least one job offer upon graduation were: Read more

Do-it-yourself degree: Design your own interdisciplinary college major

A group of students attending their college graduation commencement.

A group of students attending their college graduation commencement.

Does the traditional list of majors not inspire you? Were you advised to take a bunch of liberal arts courses and figure it out later? Did you know you can design your own major? If you’re bold, persistent and have a clear idea what you’d like to study, you may be able to discuss your academic goals with administrators to create your own degree. Specialized or interdisciplinary degrees combine academic resources, various courses and sometimes totally new courses.

Why design your own degree?

A growing number of colleges and universities are allowing students to create their own majors. Read more

Bronx Zoo welcomes California sea lion pups — What zoo jobs are there for students?

They show up in our Facebook feeds, on Pinterest, and occasionally on Twitter: zoo babies, those adorable small creatures that our friends just can’t help but pass along, hoping to get a smile out of the people who read their feeds. When you see one of those cute-overload critters, do you retweet? If you’re the type who has been avidly following the latest news about the Bronx Zoo’s new California sea lion pup, then zoo jobs may be something you should consider for your future. But before thinking too hard about your future career, how about some cute? Read more

Summer employment: Follow these tips on how to find that summer internship or job


OSJOBFAIR (Photo credit: cwgcph)

Whether you’re looking for a summer internship in your field or just a part time job to keep busy, you should probably begin that job search right now. Follow these steps on how to find summer employment and you’ll be well on your way to a summer of new experiences.

Step 1. Write and proofread your resume. 

Read more

Land that job! Top interview secrets for college seniors

Job hunt secretsIt’s that time, upperclassmen. You’re graduating soon! Woohoo! You made it! Now what? Well unless you won the lottery, or you came into a sizable family inheritance, you have to start looking for employment. AKA: work. To land that job, you will need not only the education you earned at your university of choice, but also a few inside tips on job interview secrets to set yourself apart from the herd. Read more

High paying jobs for college students — 5 ways to maximize your time and put more cash in your pocket!

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Try working in a campus mailroom !

Unless you are Donald Trump or Tim Cook, you may be looking for a job that offers a little more cash flow. And if the basic on-campus jobs like working as a cashier at the bookstore or flipping burgers at the dining hall aren’t your cups of tea, don’t stress. High paying jobs for college students aren’t as difficult to find as you might think. No, you won’t be earning a six-figure salary, but you might be able to make enough income to help offset some major expenses and still have enough left over to paint the town red on the weekends. So check out these hot jobs and follow five simple tips you’ll be raking in the cash in no time! Read more

To improve college study skills, teachers encourage good study habits, following attendance policy

Professors and bad habitsWhile of course there are the Dean’s List students out there, most college students aren’t exactly known for having the best study habits. And don’t think this goes unnoticed by your professors and employers! Whether it’s non-adherence to the attendance policy, arriving unprepared, sleeping in class or not following directions, teachers are exasperated. They want to improve your college study skills and academic experience. This will only help you to eventually go on to dazzle an interviewer and potential boss in the future. So here are some things you should probably stop doing ASAP: Read more