Winter wonderland: Family activities and other winter break ideas

One way to earn some extra cash is to help people take down Christmas lights. (Courtesy of Anthony92931)

One way to earn some extra cash is to help people take down Christmas lights. (Courtesy of Anthony92931)

When your classes are over and finals are behind you it’s time for a well-earned winter break. Take time to kick back and enjoy the winter wonderland around you. But after a few days of sitting around and eating, you might want to explore some family activities and other adventures that you could enjoy during your break. Heck, you might even find a way to earn a few bucks. Here are a few ideas of how you could spend your winter break.

Earning potential

In a December 18, 2012 article for US titled, “5 Ways for College Students to Earn Money Over Winter Break,” Julie and Lindsey Mayfield bounced around several good ideas for turning your winter break into a source of income. Read more

Public speaking presentation for the job interview and business meeting

In order to feel more confident with your public speaking skills, the best method would be practice, practice, practice.

In order to feel more confident with your public speaking skills, the best method would be practice, practice, practice.

Effective public speaking presentation is an essential lifetime skill; it isn’t just a class in college. Speaking clearly and effectively inside and outside the classroom is a valuable and essential skill. It shows that you are confident and knowledgeable about what you’re saying. It also helps you persuade your audience to take an action. Public speaking skills help you in a job interview, business meeting, networking and communicating with peers and teachers.

Why do I need public speaking skills?

Karen Burns wrote in “Why You Need to Be a Decent Public Speaker” June 9, 2010, in “What better way to shine at job interviews, or in staff meetings or at business luncheons than to express yourself clearly, confidently, coherently and concisely? Speaking makes you visible. Speaking makes you memorable. Speaking can even make you look smarter than you really are.” Read more

How to land a job: Successful interview tips for college students

One key factor to land a job is to come prepared to the interview.

One key factor to land a job is to come prepared to the interview.

As you prep for the so-called “real world,” nothing occupies more of your waking thoughts than how to land a job after you graduate. Sure you have a great personality, decent grades and any employer would be lucky to have you, but the trick is making them realize that. The key for college students, or anyone for that matter, is acing the interview. So how do you do that exactly? Read on for successful interview tips that will have you gainfully employed before that first student loan bill hits the mail box.

Modesty—not the best policy

Your mom may have told you it isn’t nice to brag, but when it comes to your job interview, forget it. There is no better time than during an interview to lay out how awesome you are. Read more

Bronx Zoo welcomes California sea lion pups — What zoo jobs are there for students?

They show up in our Facebook feeds, on Pinterest, and occasionally on Twitter: zoo babies, those adorable small creatures that our friends just can’t help but pass along, hoping to get a smile out of the people who read their feeds. When you see one of those cute-overload critters, do you retweet? If you’re the type who has been avidly following the latest news about the Bronx Zoo’s new California sea lion pup, then zoo jobs may be something you should consider for your future. But before thinking too hard about your future career, how about some cute? Read more

Best part-time college student jobs and where to find them- Good student job ideas

Lauren talks summer job hunt strategies on Can...

Or course you can search for a part time job while still in school! (Photo credit: TalentEgg)

The high cost of college has many students searching for the best part-time jobs. Good student jobs are those that allow the college student a flexible schedule and a decent hourly rate. Even more valuable is the experience that you gain and the contacts that you make while working. The impact on your future career makes the choice of working a good one for students. Read more

Work life balance – Finding a balance between jobs and school work

Robert College Students in the Forum

Robert College Students in the Forum

Work life balance, are you kidding? There just don’t seem to be enough hours in the day! Well, we can complain all we want about long hours and grueling assignments, but finding a balance between work, school work and life is a task that you’ll have to master. The sooner you figure it out, the better. Here are some tips and tools to get you started.

Finding a balance

Can’t get motivated to find a routine that works for you? Think about the cost of not doing it. Your health, relationships and grades can all suffer if you aren’t able to get your act together and manage your time. Read more

Summer employment: Follow these tips on how to find that summer internship or job


OSJOBFAIR (Photo credit: cwgcph)

Whether you’re looking for a summer internship in your field or just a part time job to keep busy, you should probably begin that job search right now. Follow these steps on how to find summer employment and you’ll be well on your way to a summer of new experiences.

Step 1. Write and proofread your resume. 

Read more

Fair Labor Standards Act ruling: Judge says unpaid student internships illegal

Unpaid internship

internship (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

On Tuesday, June 11, 2013, a federal judge ruled that three unpaid internships were in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act. The ruling concerned interns for Fox Searchlight Pictures but it may have far-reaching effects that could eventually render the practice of unpaid student internships illegal. In recent years we have seen the number of unpaid internships grow as both employers and colleges take advantage of the fact that students who crave experience and references are willing to work for free. Read more

Land that job! Top interview secrets for college seniors

Job hunt secretsIt’s that time, upperclassmen. You’re graduating soon! Woohoo! You made it! Now what? Well unless you won the lottery, or you came into a sizable family inheritance, you have to start looking for employment. AKA: work. To land that job, you will need not only the education you earned at your university of choice, but also a few inside tips on job interview secrets to set yourself apart from the herd. Read more

High paying jobs for college students — 5 ways to maximize your time and put more cash in your pocket!

US Navy 100516-N-5821P-001 Logistics Specialis...

Try working in a campus mailroom !

Unless you are Donald Trump or Tim Cook, you may be looking for a job that offers a little more cash flow. And if the basic on-campus jobs like working as a cashier at the bookstore or flipping burgers at the dining hall aren’t your cups of tea, don’t stress. High paying jobs for college students aren’t as difficult to find as you might think. No, you won’t be earning a six-figure salary, but you might be able to make enough income to help offset some major expenses and still have enough left over to paint the town red on the weekends. So check out these hot jobs and follow five simple tips you’ll be raking in the cash in no time! Read more