Change your style—DIY fashion makeover for men and women

Ready to change your style? Whether you are simply in desperate need of a fashion makeover, or are just tired of your old look, giving yourself a DIY reboot in terms of clothes, hair and makeup is easier than you may think.

Refresh your image with a DIY fashion makeover. (Credit: QuickMeme)

Refresh your image with a DIY fashion makeover. (Credit: QuickMeme)

For men and women, here are some ideas to help you refresh your image. Read more

Planning to travel abroad? The strong dollar will get you far this summer

My decision to travel abroad during my junior year of college was the best decision I made regarding my education. Travel was still relatively affordable, and luggage was still free to carry on and check in while flying.

Make plans now to travel this summer. (Credit:

Make plans now to travel this summer. (Credit:

A lot has changed since then, but if you’re planning to travel abroad this summer, a strong dollar will definitely get you further than it has in recent years. Read more

Common mistakes college students should avoid on their income tax return

Spring is when the flowers bloom, you change the clocks and you have to file your income tax return. The tax return deadline is weeks away. But there’s no sense in trying to put it off even if it turns out you have to pay taxes instead of getting a refund.

As smart as you are, college students are just as guilty as anyone else of making common mistakes in preparing their income tax return. Let’s look at how you can ensure that your return will be error free. Read more

How college students can prevent identity theft

As a young, poor college student, the last thing you expect is for someone to use your identity to commit credit card fraud. Unfortunately, identity theft statistics show that college students are especially vulnerable to this costly crime. It can affect your ability to get credit for years to come.

Everyone should know how to protect themselves from identity theft. (Credit:

Everyone should know how to protect themselves from identity theft. (Credit:

Among the privacy issues that you need to be aware of keeping your identity safe, is another one of those valuable skills that you need to learn now while you’re young. Let’s look at how criminals steal your identity and how you can protect yourself. Read more

Need Cash for Spring Break? Enter the CengageBrain Refer & Earn MindTap March Referral Contest!

Are you a financially strapped college student who is in need of some extra cash? Looking for an easy opportunity to make a few hundred dollars this spring?

Then join the CengageBrain Refer & Earn program, where you have the chance to win a $200 bonus each week in March! Read more

Tax tips for college students

Your April 15 tax return due date is only weeks away. Whether you’ll do an online income tax return filing or go with old-fashioned paper filing, you’ll need some tax tips to help you out. Income tax brackets for college students tend to be low because you work part time, often for minimum wage.

Now is time to take care of the dreaded tax return. (Credit: QuickMeme)

Now is time to take care of the dreaded tax return. (Credit: QuickMeme)

Whatever you’re earning, you’re going to want your tax refund status to show the highest amount possible. Let’s take a look at how you can make tax filing easy and profitable. Read more

Increase in college enrollment: pros and cons

College enrollment has increased dramatically after the financial crisis of 2008 as newly unemployed professionals as well as young adult college students hope to attain the best college degrees so they can be more employable and find a lucrative career. According to the U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, between 2001 and 2011, enrollment increased 32 percent to a total of 21 million students.

Learn how an increase in college enrollment affects you. (Credit:

Learn how an increase in college enrollment affects you. (Credit:

The percentage increase of students older than 25 is larger than that of younger students. Here is some discussion on attracting and enrolling the non-traditional student, competition for jobs among degree holders and the economic pros and cons of the increase in college enrollment. Read more

DIY skin care — Make your own homemade beauty products

Are you interested in homemade beauty products because you haven’t gotten the results you want from store-bought options? Maybe you just like to make your own things?

Learn the do's and don'ts of proper skin care maintenance. (Credit: Memebase)

Learn the do’s and don’ts of proper skin care maintenance. (Credit: Memebase)

Or perhaps you are seeking great skin but haven’t had any luck with what is in your medicine cabinet. There are some DIY skin care items that you can make that will give you results. Read more

DIY Valentine’s Day—Save money with homemade valentines

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is coming. If you are interested in sharing the love with your friends or special someone, while getting your craft on, there are a ton of DIY homemade valentines ideas out there for you to choose from.

(Create your own valentines for Valentine's Day. (Credit: MemeCenter)

(Create your own valentines for Valentine’s Day. (Credit: MemeCenter)

From gifts that are easy to make to homemade valentines décor that will save you money, there is a DIY idea that will be sure to help you share the spirit of this day of love. Read more

President Obama offers free community college

President Obama recently proposed offering free tuition for two-year community college. The free tuition would be available for low-income students who maintain a good college GPA.

Learn more about what free community college means. (Credit: Solano Tempest)

Learn more about what free community college means. (Credit: Solano Tempest)

The goal of the proposal is to increase graduation rates of college students with some exposure to higher education, allow more students to transfer to four-year colleges and to prepare students for the modern job market. Some who criticize California community colleges say a nationwide program for free community college will not fare much better. Read more