Top five questions to ask your professor before your final exam

Don't hesitate to ask for study help with your final.

Don’t hesitate to ask for study help with your final.

With the season for final exams rapidly approaching, college students can engage their professor for help or advice. Don’t be afraid to meet with your professor before a final exam. Don’t be intimidated or feel like he or she will think you’re dumb for asking for help. Obtaining personalized attention from your teacher affords you a student advantage in your academics and can improve your college GPA. Here are five questions to ask your professor before a final:

1. What’s on the final?

Yes, it’s okay to outright ask. Many times the professor will outright tell you—and even offer some study strategies. Read more

Final exam time: Last minute study tips to ace your exams

Don't let your final exam schedule get the best of you.

Don’t let your final exam schedule get the best of you.

If your final exam schedule is bearing down on you like a freight train with the breaks out, then you need some serious studying tips. Success with finals is about more than studying, though. It’s also about physical and psychological preparation. You have to eat right to keep up your strength and feed your brain. Make sure that you move your body to keep it toned and alert. Get plenty of sleep and psych yourself up for victory. Here are a few ideas to help you conquer your final exams.

Final exam studying tips

It’s natural to get stressed about finals but when you get stressed you can’t perform well. Everything shuts down and you can hardly remember your name let alone the answers to questions. Read more

Test taking tips for final exams: How not to fail

Planning ahead for final exam prep can ease stress and help you sleep better once finals arrive.

Planning ahead for final exam prep can ease stress and help you sleep better once finals arrive.

It’s final exam time again. You know what you’re supposed to do and what you’re not supposed to do. Don’t forget your test taking tips, practice good study habits, get some sleep and exercise. If you don’t want to fail all your final exams, disappoint your parents, waste your tuition money and become a bum, here are some study tips for college and a list of what not to do.

Don’t ignore the teacher. If you find some material confusing, get a consultation from the teacher; he or she is there to help. The important information you need to understand thoroughly shouldn’t be a mystery to you at this stage. Read more

Check out CengageBrain’s online tutoring

Your final exam is only one week away. You are still completely confused on how quantum physics works – as many are unless your name is Albert Einstein. You can’t sleep because you’re stressing out. And unless your professor is an insomniac, they are likely sleeping so it’s probably not a good time to call them for help. But you need help so what do you do?

Connect with a tutor

CengageBrain offers tutoring from experienced tutors at Read more

Final exam horror stories

What not to do during final exams. (Courtesy of Sneha Wadhwani)

What not to do during final exams. (Courtesy of Sneha Wadhwani)

Ever have that dream that you’re taking a test and you never studied for it? It’s a common occurrence of nervous test takers. Or what if you slept late, or went to your final exam in your pajamas? You know you have good study habits and have listened to all the study tips for college students. But what if the unexpected happens? Are you prepared? Here are some horror stories of final exams.

“The Dream” that you never studied for the test

A common dream for students is arriving on test day and realizing you never studied, never went to any classes or never even knew you were signed up for the course. Or, worse yet, that you arrived to class naked. Read more

Studying tips that will reduce stress: [Hint It’s about teamwork]

Study groups are effective as long as each member plans to stay focused and on topic.

Study groups are effective as long as each member plans to stay focused and on topic.

Whether it’s midterms, finals or quizzes that happen in between, you need studying tips to help you reduce stress and perform at your best. Time management tips are a good place to start. Nothing brings on stress like an impending deadline or a to-do list that’s crammed with high-priority tasks. But you don’t have to suffer alone. Try a little teamwork. Interested? Read on.

How to reduce stress

Learn how to work and play well with others. That’s right. Don’t suffer alone with your deadlines and final exams. Read more

Test prep: Make the most out of your study time by following these study tips

Monroe Community College Students Studying. (Courtesy of David Maiolo)

Monroe Community College Students Studying. (Courtesy of David Maiolo)

Whether you’re a first-year college student or a seasoned veteran of finals, you know that studying is a major part of being in college. If you learn to master your study techniques, you won’t have test anxiety when exams come around.

Grab your course syllabus, Smartphone, your tennis shoes and a snack, and follow these study tips to prepare yourself to ace that big exam!

Be proactive about studying — it’ll save you a lot of stress

Look at the course syllabus; chances are the dates of the exams are listed. Take a moment to write those dates in your planner. Now, leave yourself a reminder about a week and a half before the exams to get an early start by looking over your notes and quizzes. Read more

Top apps for back to school — educational, organizational or just plain fun

Back to school apps

Which back-to-school apps are you downloading? (Photo credit: dougbelshaw)

Whether a new semester is just starting or you are already in the thick of your course load, odds are you could use a little help staying on top of your classes, as well as getting organized. The magical world of apps is here to help you. It is estimated that about 300 apps are created EVERY DAY. While we wouldn’t dream of going back to the dark ages before apps (shudder!), it can be challenging to shift through all of available options. So what are the top apps every college students needs before heading back to school? Here are your best bests—for educational or organizational purposes, as well as a few apps that are just plain fun. Because all work and no play… Read more

Final exam time: How to study and top 10 ways to blow your finals

Finals seasonAack, it’s that time of year! The summer sun is calling, but before we break for freedom, there are those needling final exams to get through. The final exam torture routine includes all-night study sessions and copious amounts of Red Bull. We scour study tips and test taking tips in the hopes of gaining a few extra points on our tests. Often we know what we’re supposed to do — practice effective study habits; get a good night’s sleep. But there are plenty of things we should not do. Here are some fool-proof ways to bomb your finals (that you should probably avoid!): Read more

The skinny on drinking coffee: The good, the bad and the bottom line

English: A photo of a cup of coffee. Esperanto...If you’re one of the myriads of college students who need their morning caffeine fix before you can have a coherent conversation, you’re part of a national trend of rising coffee drinkers. While experts have gone back and forth over the good and the bad effects of coffee, the latest studies show that college students over the past 10 years have increased their coffee drinking by nearly 14%. In addition, many college students are ditching soda for coffee, which has a higher caffeine content. When it comes to academic performance, however, caffeine may not be all it’s cracked up to be. Find out here what the real skinny is on drinking coffee.  Read more