Instructor recommended, student approved – Activate your digital learning solutions now!

You’re officially heading back to school at this very moment! It’s time to take on another school year, and I figured I could offer you some helpful words of wisdom to help you get acquainted with your studies. First of all, you know those digital learning solutions you’ve heard your instructors speak of? Activate them… NOW.

You’ll get a head start on your classmates so you never fall behind. If you happen to begin feeling lost in one of your courses, you’ll be able to use the digital learning solutions for additional help when you’re studying at 2 A.M. – right when your instructor is not available to contact. So why else should you activate your digital products? Let me elaborate. Read more

Best motivational quotes provide words of inspiration

When I’m overburdened with homework and difficult subjects, I have used a few quotes of inspiration to lift my spirits and keep me going. College students have lined their dorm rooms with posters of famous motivational quotes to provide words of inspiration.

Look to motivational quotes when you need inspiration. (Credit:

Look to motivational quotes when you need inspiration. (Credit:

Here are some of the best motivational quotes from both the older and modern age. Read more

Learn about the SCA and its impact on youth

As part of CengageBrain’s Extra Credit Program, we like to know what’s happening with each of our contributing charities and share those stories with you, our valued followers! A recent study presented the positive impact the Student Conservation Association (SCA) has had on youth.

Find out how you can help SCA here. (Credit:

Find out how you can help SCA here. (Credit:

The new research showed that SCA has increased conservation awareness, along with developing social responsibility, increasing leadership skills and helping fuel continuous growth, which provide skills that make youth more successful in school, work and life. Read more

Dorm room ideas: Tips & tools to help you get organized

Fall semester is right around the corner. It’s time to get organized and put together some dorm room ideas to make your life easier. Because dorm rooms are usually pretty small you’ll need to be creative in figuring out how to stay organized.

Spruce up your dorm room with our ideas. (Credit: Home Design)

Spruce up your dorm room with our ideas. (Credit: Home Design)

You’re going to want to make the most of the limited space that you have by taking advantage of every inch from floor to ceiling. Here are some organization tips and suggestions to help you get and stay organized. Read more

How to make friends in college

College is a whole new world with a ton of new people! So it can be a little intimidating meeting people and trying to make friends. The thing to remember is that you are not alone! Everyone else is trying to make friends just like you!

But don’t worry, here are a few easy tips to help you get started: Read more

5 smart study habits you need to adopt now

One huge difference I noticed during my transition from high school to college is how much studying is involved. In high school everything used to come so much easier, then I got to college and realized I’d need more than just my class notes and textbook to be truly prepared. I realized that studying in college is actually something takes real time and effort.

I needed extra resources to help prepare me for each exam. Below are five smart study habits I picked up during college that are sure to help you excel in academics. Read more

Activate now to get an edge on the upcoming school year!

I’m sure–like me–you keep saying over and over in your head, “Where on earth did this summer go?!” But I’m here to tell you that the new school year is here! Get a head start on the semester and activate your Cengage Learning digital tools NOW. Trust me, there are some really powerful online study tools that will help you make the grades, save time and avoid stress over the next several months.

So take control of your assignments, class materials and time from the start. Activate your digital tools as soon as possible.  Read more

Three reasons instant access will make a difference for you

Like many people in this day and age, I enjoy all of life’s readily available conveniences – mostly because I’m one of the most impatient people I know. Having instant access to my textbooks and digital learning solutions tops that list.

So what makes instant access so great? Here we offer three reasons why instant access will make a difference for you with your college education. Read more

Improve first impressions based on new science

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. As clichés go, that one is right up there with my personal favorite: When you assume you make an ‘ass’ of ‘u’ and ‘me.’ But unfortunately first impressions are important, and how new people react to the nonverbal cues you give out can affect what they think of you in the long term.

Learn how you can improve first impressions. (Credit: i9 Sports)

Learn how you can improve first impressions. (Credit: i9 Sports)

There have always been life hacks that can improve how you are perceived when meeting someone, but new science has even more help to offer. Read more

College apps to stay organized

I use apps to keep all my appointments and to-do lists in one place, and many are useful for making a college schedule or keeping track of classes and homework. From studying, taking notes, storing information, sharing information, scheduling events and organizing college life, apps for college students are abundant and essential for staying organized.

What method helps you stay organized? (Credit: oohlala)

What method helps you stay organized? (Credit: oohlala)

Try out a bunch of college apps to see what works best for you to get organized. Read more