Learn about the SCA and its impact on youth

As part of CengageBrain’s Extra Credit Program, we like to know what’s happening with each of our contributing charities and share those stories with you, our valued followers! A recent study presented the positive impact the Student Conservation Association (SCA) has had on youth.

Find out how you can help SCA here. (Credit:

Find out how you can help SCA here. (Credit:

The new research showed that SCA has increased conservation awareness, along with developing social responsibility, increasing leadership skills and helping fuel continuous growth, which provide skills that make youth more successful in school, work and life. Read more

Three reasons instant access will make a difference for you

Like many people in this day and age, I enjoy all of life’s readily available conveniences – mostly because I’m one of the most impatient people I know. Having instant access to my textbooks and digital learning solutions tops that list.

So what makes instant access so great? Here we offer three reasons why instant access will make a difference for you with your college education. Read more

When should you really order those textbooks? Tips so you don’t waste time or pizza money

It seems like there are typically two types of students: the planners and the procrastinators. When it comes to ordering your textbooks, is it better to be one of these over the other? Not necessarily. Everyone can win in this case, and we’ll explain how.

Here we offer you some tips on how you can save time and not pay an arm and a leg for your textbooks. Read more

Take the guesswork out of getting the right materials for your classes

Ordering class materials shouldn’t be rocket science (Unless you’re studying aerospace engineering… then it totally is). But let’s face it, there are more than a few options available these days for all of those textbooks you’re going to need this fall. There are times when the whole process becomes overwhelming… But before going down the same route you did last semester: borrowing, sharing with your roommate, or putting it off entirely and opting for a nap, consider CengageBrain.

With CengageBrain, getting the right materials is not only fast but easy, too. Get it right the first time and go to the head of the class with the right digital tools and books for your class AND your budget. It all begins at CengageBrain – find out more here. Read more

Top 5 ways to save $100 this semester: Try them all and save up to $500

Everyone has heard the old axiom about two things in life being constant, death and taxes, right? Well I’d like to add a third constant to the mix, during college your budget is going to be tight. I’m talking about “living off of nothing but grocery store samples and ramen noodles for 6 weeks tight.” That kind of tight. I’m sure you can agree.

So I’d like to bestow some money-saving tips upon you to make it through. Tips that your GPA will thank you for, your social life will thank you for and most importantly your budget will thank you for! Here are 5 ways that you can save $100 this semester – or maybe more! Read more

Buy or rent? Digital or print? How to determine the best option for you

When you officially become a college student there’s a certain sense of independence you gain the moment you step foot on campus. You are forced to make decisions for yourself without the help of mom or dad, which of course has its pros and cons. You suddenly have so many options to choose from – including whether you should buy or rent your textbooks or use digital or print textbooks.

How will you ever decide? No need to sweat it when you have CengageBrain to help. Below we offer you some tips on how to find the right option for every student and every budget.

Read more

Five ways to make the first few weeks of school stress-free

Back to school time is just around the corner and (hopefully!) you’re not worrying too much about being prepared for the upcoming semester. Oh wait, you are? Trust me, there’s no need to stress yourself out when you have CengageBrain here to help you through the first few weeks of school – and the entire school year for that matter.

Below are the five ways CengageBrain can make your first few weeks of school stress-free. Read more

Vote now in the “Instructor for a Day” Video Contest!

College students from around the U.S. were asked to submit a short video that answers the question, “How would you engage your students?” if they were the instructor for a day.

Participants created one- to two-minute videos and showed us exactly how they would get fellow students engaged and involved in the learning process. Read more

SCA approves of President Obama’s “Every Kid in a Park” initiative

President Barack Obama recently announced his new initiative that provides free admission to national parks and other federal lands to America’s fourth graders and their families. “Every Kid in a Park” is being heavily applauded by members of the Student Conservation Association (SCA) because of its commitment to connect more young people with our national parks.

SCA is a fan of "Every kid in a Park." Are you? (credit:

SCA is a fan of “Every kid in a Park.” Are you? (credit:

Beginning this fall the program will go into effect, in connection with the National Park Service’s Centennial that occurs in 2016. Read more

TCS New York City Marathon has named Pat Tillman Foundation an Official Charity Partner

Out of the nearly 300 charity partners that are expected to participate in the 2015 TCS New York City Marathon this year, the Pat Tillman Foundation will be one of them. The race takes place on Sunday, November 1, 2015.

Team Tillman will be represented at the 2015 TCS New York City Marathon. (Credit: Pat Tillman Foundation)

Team Tillman will be represented at the 2015 TCS New York City Marathon. (Credit: Pat Tillman Foundation)

Team Tillman already has 25 guaranteed entries with an individual fundraising minimum of $4240 in honor of Pat’s ASU and NFL jersey numbers. Read more