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Do-it-yourself degree: Design your own interdisciplinary college major

Does the traditional list of majors not inspire you? Were you advised to take a bunch of liberal arts courses and figure it out later? Did you know you can design your own major? If you’re bold, persistent and have … Continue reading

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Confused about college majors? Help find the one for you with our free personality test!

Choosing among all the different college majors is one of the most important decisions that you’ll make in your life. One factor to consider in making your choice is how it will match with your personality type. We’ve included here … Continue reading

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Best college majors to produce highest paying jobs: How to market yourself if yours isn’t on the list

If earning top dollar after graduation is your bottom line, there’s no doubt that those majoring in one field in particular will see those dollar signs ring in: Technology. According to a recent study by the National Association of College … Continue reading

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Picking the perfect major: Top tips for choosing a major or switching majors in college

Are you having trouble choosing a major in college? Understandable. It takes years of study and thousands of dollars to complete a college degree — and that’s if you have a clear plan to follow. And many of us don’t! … Continue reading

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