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Shark Week’s Megalodon and Sharknado are fake, but are shark attacks increasing?

Unless you were living under a rock, it was hard to escape the onslaught of shark news this summer, between the Discovery Channel’s latest foray to beef up their now infamous “Shark Week,” Megalodon, and SyFy’s Sharknado. While both efforts … Continue reading

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Top apps for back to school — educational, organizational or just plain fun

Whether a new semester is just starting or you are already in the thick of your course load, odds are you could use a little help staying on top of your classes, as well as getting organized. The magical world … Continue reading

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Schlock rules: Summer 2013 movies to help you beat the heat

Summer is traditionally the time for schlock movies to abound. Whether it’s horror, action or high tech effects, summer 2013 movies are sure to fill the bill for everyone. Most viewers are looking for harmless fun and entertainment. Some are … Continue reading

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College student budget: Tips on finding cheap entertainment ideas both on and off campus

The idea of going to a concert or performance on a college student budget isn’t terribly appealing! You probably have a laundry list of shows you’d love to check out, but it’s a luxury that (you think) you just can’t … Continue reading

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