5 resources you are not taking advantage of as college students

Transitioning to college life is a blast, but it can also be overwhelming and cause stressors in your life that lead to illness, depression and other issues. There are many resources on campus to help you along the way but first you must seek them out!

Use your college resources to help you avoid stress. (Credit: College Hunks)

Use your college resources to help you avoid stress. (Credit: College Hunks)

I remember at an orientation session before my first week of Undergrad, the President of the school came on stage to get everyone hyped up about the path that lay ahead of them. Read more

Dean’s office, financial aid office and others help students navigate support services

Campus resourcesIf you’re new to campus life, don’t miss out on all the helpful services available to you just because you’re not sure where they are or how they can help. Check out these seven campus offices you should learn about to help you better navigate your college experience.

Dean’s Office

This is the go-to place for help and support on classes, student life, school policy and administration. Your school may have several deans of specific areas of academics, so get a list of each one and how they can be reached. Read more

Cost of college education and the rise in college tuition

The job market has always been competitive—now, even more so in this strained economy. When you begin your job search, you’ll need every edge possible to leap to the top of the resume pile, and a college degree might just be your ticket to rising above the competition. Even though times are tough for everyone, studies show that college grads consistently earn more than those without a degree. Read more