Group partner, bad. CengageBrain, good. Why chance it?

I can remember group projects from college all too well. Some were good. Some were bad. Some were just plain ugly. There was always at least one group partner who never seemed to do any of the work and didn’t seem to care about helping anyone but themselves.

Is there anyone you can think of that perfectly defines this? Yep, we thought so. Read more

How to Best Handle Group Projects in College

As a senior in college, I know that group projects are inevitable.

Recently, I worked with a partner on a presentation on early American designers. Although we finalized what each of us were going to do, she didn’t send me her information until 2 A.M. – the night before the presentation. I woke up extra early to check over our PowerPoint before submitting it to our professor.

Group projects are a great way to boost your leadership skills. (Credit: Taylor Fukui)

Group projects are a great way to boost your leadership skills. (Credit: Taylor Fukui)

Of course, there is another side to group projects. Sometimes you get to build a friendship with your group or partner. On one group project, we all became friends and ended up delivering a solid presentation and paper. Read more

Group projects and team presentations — How to make it work

Group projectsCollege is a learning experience, right? You’ve already learned how to sleep with someone snoring across your dorm room, and how to make the most of your meal plan at the campus eateries. But what about how to make it work when it comes to a study group or team project? Odds are at least one professor is going to ask you to work within a group structure at some point during your college career. If you want to make group projects a success, read on for some tips. Read more