Create your own study guide to help you ace your finals

With final exams looming ahead, you need to figure out ways to study that will work best for you. Having a study guide to work from is a good start. But you’ll have to apply effective study habits and use the study guide for it to be of value.

Keep yourself organized with a homemade study guide chart. (Credit: wikiHow)

Keep yourself organized with a homemade study guide chart. (Credit: wikiHow)

Learning how to study for exams is a study in itself. So is the development of test taking skills. Let’s take a look at how you can create your own study guide now and put yourself on the track to success. Read more

How to study in college: Top five tips for pulling a healthy all-nighter

Study tips for all-nighterWhile studying consistently and frequently throughout the semester is the best bet for nailing an A in any given course, you may come across a test or two that calls for a late-night cram session at some point during your collegiate career. Or maybe you forgot a big assignment or paper and only just saw the pop-up reminder on your phone go off. Whatever the reason, these nights are simply no fun and you’ll always be kicking yourself for having to do it in the first place. But if you find yourself pulling a red-eye before midterms, we’ve got the top five tips for how to study and get your work done the healthy way. Read more

Summer classes: Stay focused and get credits faster

Summer school“Summer school” sounds like a punishment. You’d rather get a job, party or just veg during your summer vacation. The benefits to taking summer courses make the off-peak grind worth it though, plus you can choose from lots of different options: study abroad, summer internships or online summer school all offer flexibility and convenience that may not be available to you during the fall or winter semesters. Learn why you should consider summer courses, discover what options you have, and find out how to study during the summer when what you’d rather be doing is lying on a beach somewhere. Read more