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What college students need to know about sleep

There is no denying that one of the biggest issues college students face is not getting enough sleep. What they may not know is how much it negatively impacts not just their bodies but also their brains. And as much … Continue reading

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Sleep deprivation and student health: The hazards of pulling an all-nighter in college

The messy hair and mismatched socks…the glassy, bloodshot eyes…the head you can barely lift off of the desk. You can always spot those students who pulled an all-nighter before a big exam or term paper. We’ve all been there — and … Continue reading

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Student health and effects of sleep deprivation: Best study habits include adequate sleep

The effect of sleep deprivation on college students is a well-known problem. As we face the new experiences of dorm life, new sleep patterns, sharing dorm rooms, freedom away from parents to party, late night study habits, new clubs and … Continue reading

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