Car care tips for college students

If spring hasn’t come to your neck of the woods, it is on its way. And with the blooming flowers and green grass may come the urge to do a little spring cleaning.

Proper car care will leave your car happy this spring. (Credit: Pinterest)

Proper car care will leave your car happy this spring. (Credit: Pinterest)

While college students may not particularly warm to the idea of dusting and scrubbing and cleaning, some car care tips, just in time for National Car Care Month, are the perfect thing to keep your car happy in the upcoming warm weather. Read more

Spring cleaning: How to sell, donate or recycle unwanted items

Goodwill donations

Goodwill Donate Movement (© John Froschauer/AP Images)

If you can’t smell that fresh spring air, then maybe it’s time to air out your mattress and living space! Like houses and cars, college dorms need spring cleaning too. After all those “what to bring to college” tips you got before you moved in, I’d bet few people have suggested to you “what to get rid of.” Here are some tips to clean out your dorm room or apartment not just for the spring, but any season, especially on move-out date at the end of the school year. Read more

Stress Awareness Month: How to listen to your body, mind and spirit

Managing stress with relaxation

Downtown relaxation (© Chris LeCroy)

We are all probably feeling a little restless this time of year. Most of us have been cooped up inside since November and we’re more than ready for a little spring cleaning. But, before you begin sweeping the floors and cleaning the closets, it’s important that you take time to spring clean your body, mind and spirit. April is Stress Awareness Month and it’s about really taking the time to listen to your body, mind and spirit. Here are a few things to get started to a healthier you! Read more