Work-life balance ideas for busy college students

Like most college students you may feel as if graduation is eons away, but it will be here before you know it. Time management skills are more important than ever because there is just so little time to get things done.

How do you manage work-life balance? (Credit: The Way HPI)

How do you manage work-life balance? (Credit: The Way HPI)

So I thought it would be a good idea to put together some ideas on how to stay organized, work smart and still find a work-life balance to keep sane. Let me share with you some tips that you can start using now. Read more

5 realistic time management tips for college students

With end of the year term papers and final projects due, it can get very busy and stressful. You might feel overwhelmed and not know how to juggle all the things you have to do. Time management tips can help you schedule your schoolwork and spread your workload out so you can have enough time for everything, including yourself and friends.

Using a daily calendar helps with time management. (Credit: WikiHow)

Using a daily calendar helps with time management. (Credit: WikiHow)

Here are some study tips and successful time management techniques. Read more

College tips: Save money and get organized

Due to the high cost of college and how busy I am all the time, I have to cut corners to save money and time wherever I can. College students can learn to streamline projects, get organized in your dorm room and reduce costs.

There are several ways to save money while in college. (Credit: peerTransfer)

There are several ways to save money while in college. (Credit: peerTransfer)

Here are some college tips for the best ways to save money and practice time management skills. Read more

Time management tips for college students

If there’s one thing I wish I could have more of as a college student, it’s time! I never seem to have enough time, what with studying, homework, part-time job and social life. But just remember, every single person in the world has the same amount of time you do – 24 hours per day.

Could you use some time management tips? (Credit: Pexels)

Could you use some time management tips? (Credit: Pexels)

It’s how you choose to use that time that can help you succeed. Here are some time-saving tips for college students. Read more

College students, you CAN overcome the midterms crisis

Let’s be honest, the only goal any one of us wants to accomplish the week of midterms is to just get through it with the absence of tears or an inevitable mental breakdown. Amiright?

Don't let the stress of midterms get the best of you. (Credit: Lauren Wood/The State News)

Don’t let the stress of midterms get the best of you. (Credit: Lauren Wood/The State News)

Time management as a college student can be difficult enough but when important exams get thrown into the mix, it’s easy to get off track. College midterms can make or break your entire semester but there are some ways to help you get through this hellish week. Read more

Start the year off right by improving time management

College students, we know you are busy – really busy. Between academics, work, social activities, sports, clubs, family responsibilities and volunteering, you face endless pressure on your time. And although it is important to be well rounded and maintain a full and satisfying schedule, juggling so many commitments can often lead to burnout and fatigue.

Luckily, with a few small changes, you can start the school year off right, gain more control over your schedule and kick procrastination to the curb. And the best part? Successful time management can have a major positive impact on grades and classroom performance. In addition, students who improve their time management report less stress, better focus and improved quality of life. Check out our 7 tips for time management for college students.

What other time management tips can you offer other college students? Share them with us in the comments.

College midterm exams: Time management tips for college students

College midtermsYou’re just beginning to get into the swing of being back in school and now the infamous midterm exam is looming ahead. You’re going to have to think fast and find some good time management tips for college students so that you don’t fall behind. Here are a few ideas to help you get through your midterms without skipping a beat.

Midterm exams: What… me worry?

Don’t put it off. Start gearing up now for your midterm exams. Read more

Best part-time college student jobs and where to find them- Good student job ideas

Lauren talks summer job hunt strategies on Can...

Or course you can search for a part time job while still in school! (Photo credit: TalentEgg)

The high cost of college has many students searching for the best part-time jobs. Good student jobs are those that allow the college student a flexible schedule and a decent hourly rate. Even more valuable is the experience that you gain and the contacts that you make while working. The impact on your future career makes the choice of working a good one for students. Read more

Work life balance – Finding a balance between jobs and school work

Robert College Students in the Forum

Robert College Students in the Forum

Work life balance, are you kidding? There just don’t seem to be enough hours in the day! Well, we can complain all we want about long hours and grueling assignments, but finding a balance between work, school work and life is a task that you’ll have to master. The sooner you figure it out, the better. Here are some tips and tools to get you started.

Finding a balance

Can’t get motivated to find a routine that works for you? Think about the cost of not doing it. Your health, relationships and grades can all suffer if you aren’t able to get your act together and manage your time. Read more

How to stay focused in college after contracting spring fever

English: This is the picture of the First Stre...Don’t look now, but college campuses throughout most of the country are being hit with a highly contagious disease known as spring fever. Signs that you have contracted this include: staring blankly out the window during lecture, little or no desire to attend class, preferring to be outside instead of in the library (okay, this symptom may not be just from spring fever), an overwhelming ability to want to sit in the sun, and a strong sense to forgo your studies and have fun. If you do catch spring fever, fear not. There are ways that you can beat it. Just follow these tips on how to stay focused in college — even during spring term! Read more