Pay it forward — How to be a more thankful person this year

Volunteering for Habitat for Humanity

Volunteering for Habitat for Humanity

When we’re wrapped up in the routine of school and work, it’s often easy to forget to not only take time to stop and smell the roses but also to appreciate how beautiful they are in the first place. We are overwhelmed with our to-do list and forget that we have many things to be thankful for. This holiday season, why not try to be a more thankful person by changing your outlook on life, taking the time to volunteer at shelters, giving back to your community through time spent at the local children’s hospital, and learning to pay it forward for the next person. You never know what difference one random act of kindness can do for another. Read more

Think outside the box: Volunteer for an alternative summer break this year

Alternative summer breakAlthough spring break has passed by already, it’s not too early to plan ahead for how you’ll spend next year. Or better yet, plan to spend a portion of your summer break volunteering with an alternative break organization. Alternative spring break plans are gaining in popularity and some organizations have to limit the amount of applications accepted, so you’ll want to beat the pack. Read more