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Controverses, 1st Edition

Controverses, 1st Ed…,9781413004496
  • A new edition of this text is available here

  • AUTHORS: Oukada/Bertrand/Solberg - ©2006

  • ISBN10: 1-4130-0449-0

  • ISBN13: 978-1-4130-0449-6

CONTROVERSES presents issues that are important to the French and francophone world. High interest topics and well-crafted activities will foster your conversational skills. Each chapter gives you opportunities to express yourself both in writing and orally. With this text as your guide, you will soon be speaking French like a native!

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  • ISBN10: 1413004490

  • ISBN13: 9781413004496

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Purchase Options
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Paperback version of the text. New book. Ships in 3-5 days. FREE shipping on orders over $25.

Paperback version of the text. New book. Ships in 3-5 days. FREE shipping on orders over $25.

Paperback version of the text. New book. Ships in 3-5 days. FREE shipping on orders over $25.

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