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Alternating Current …, 9781111125271
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Alternating Current Fundamentals, 8th Edition

  • ISBN10: 1-111-12527-9

    ISBN13: 978-1-111-12527-1

  • AUTHORS: Herman, Stephen L. - ©2012

ALTERNATING CURRENT FUNDAMENTALS, 8E, an industrial standard for over thirty years, has been updated to provide you with the most current information available on the essentials of alternating current. The topics in this book are arranged to build your knowledge, progressing from basic principles such as the differences between peak, rms, and average values to more complex coverage of circuits containing resistance, inductance, and capacitance. This edition of ALTERNATING CURRENT FUNDAMENTALS, 8E includes additional information on diodes and rectifiers and contains improved graphics that will assist you in understanding state-of-the-art concepts.

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  • ISBN10: 1111125279

  • ISBN13: 9781111125271

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