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Questia helps you write better papers, faster, by making it easier to find, read and interact with quality information not usually found on the web. Questia provides an authoritative collection of content that can be cited with confidence. This collection includes access to the world’s largest online collection of complete books and journal articles in the humanities and social sciences, plus magazine and newspaper articles. Search every word and read every title of all of the books and journal articles in the collection. Included are search, note-taking, and writing tools that help you locate the most relevant information on topics quickly, quote and cite correctly, and create properly formatted footnotes and bibliographies automatically. Questia offers unlimited use of the books and articles in the collection, and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No book is ever checked out, and the library is never closed. Get instant online access to over 4 million trusted books, academic journals, magazines, and newspapers. Credible sources and exclusive tools for all your research and paper writing needs.

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