Upgraded Version of the eBook Reader

NEW Features and Enhancements

Improved Reading Experience

  • Streamlined navigation with an updated look & feel.
  • Faster page loading & page turning times.
  • Updates apply to the online and browser-based offline reader.

New Tools

  • Notes Management. View all notes, highlights & annotations at one time.
  • Highlighting & Bookmarking. Activate highlighting & navigate to bookmarks with a single click.
  • Search. View page content alongside the search results with the Search-In-Book function.

Enhanced Viewing Options

  • Scale text, images & graphics to any size without distortion.
  • View content via the Side-By-Side, Continuous Scrolling or the Thumbnail option.

What existing users need to know

  • When you access your eBook, you'll be defaulted into the new reader.
  • You can easily revert back to the old ("Classic") version. In the upper right corner of the new reader display, there will be a link to the "Classic Reader." Select the link & the reader will switch back to the old version.
  • If you return to the Classic version & decide later that you want the new version, simply click on the "Try New Reader" link beneath the link to my bookshelf.
  • The offline browser-based reading experience has also been upgraded to match the online experience. Supported browsers now include Firefox 3.6 & higher, Chrome, and Safari 5.1.5 & higher.

Want more information or have specific questions?

  • Access FAQs
  • Learn more about eBook reader features, including mobile access.

Technical problems or questions?

Reader Comparison Chart


Classic Online Reader

New Online Reader

TOOLS Bookmarking
  • Bookmarks and bookmarking are not available
  • Create bookmarks for specific pages.
  • Quickly navigate to their saved bookmark locations in a single click.
Copy and Paste
  • Basic copy and paste functionality through the use of a Copy Dialog Box
  • Basic copy and paste without the need for an interstitial dialog box.
  • Basic keyword search functionality
  • Quick and easy navigation between search results and book contents.
  • Search-in-Book feature allows the user to view page content alongside the user's search results.
Notes Management
  • Basic ability to create notes on a page. Users also have the ability to print all notes.
  • View all of your notes, high-lights and annotations at once through the My Notes tab.
  • Print a summary of all of your notes, highlights and annotations.
  • Apply text formatting (font and size,) to notes.
  • Assign notes to highlighted text (highlight annotations).
  • Basic ability to highlight on text, make highlights visible or invisible, view a listing of highlights and to navigate directly to the page for a highlight.
  • Activate highlight function using a single click.
  • Add notes to highlighted text.
  • View a list of highlights and navigate directly to the page for a highlight.
  • Print out highlights and highlights that have notes.
  • Supports only two (2) levels of magnification.
  • Only view a single page at a time
  • Scale images and graphics to any size.
  • Multi-level Zoom - Text clarity preserved at all levels of zoom.
  • Full Page Spread - View pages side-by-side, "2-up" mode.
  • Scrolling - View pages in continuous "scrolling" mode.
  • Thumbnail View - View small thumbnail images of many pages, and click on a thumbnail to navigate to that page.