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Theories of Human Learning: What the Old Woman Said, 5th Edition

Theories of Human Le…,9780534641528
  • A new edition of this text is available here

  • AUTHORS: Lefrancois, Guy R. - ©2006

  • ISBN10: 0-534-64152-0

  • ISBN13: 978-0-534-64152-8

Both a serious academic text and a delightful story, this book offers a clear, readable look at a full range of learning theories-from behavioral to cognitive- and also covers memory, motivation, connectionism (neural net models), and social learning. It concludes with a comprehensive synthesis. Its most apparent strength is its easily accessible style, but its greatest value lies in the clarity of its concepts. THEORIES OF HUMAN LEARNING is told by an old woman. But this old woman isn’t just anyone. In fact, professors familiar with previous editions of this book may conclude that she is related to Kongor and Kro, those extraterrestrials who, in earlier editions, so successfully guided students through the maze of historic and current theories that help us understand how humans learn. And, wise as she is, the old woman does the job even more effectively than her predecessors in this fifth edition of THEORIES OF HUMAN LEARNING: WHAT THE OLD WOMAN SAID.

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  • ISBN10: 0534641520

  • ISBN13: 9780534641528

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