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Product Details

Wadsworth Western Civilization Resource Center , InfoTrac® 2-Semester Instant Access Code, 1st Edition

  • ISBN10: 1-111-72575-6

    ISBN13: 978-1-111-72575-4

  • AUTHORS: Wadsworth - ©2011

  • This is the same product you requested (9781111725747/-), but a version that provides immediate access.
Wadsworth’s Western Civilization Resource Center gives you access to a “virtual reader” with hundreds of primary sources, including speeches, letters, legal documents and transcripts, poems, maps, simulations, timelines, and additional images that bring history to life. You can browse this extensive collection of primary source materials by topic, resource type, or theme. Documents include Standard Primary Documents for study, Assignable Primary Sources with questions, and Primary Sources on the Web--links to resources contained on other websites. An assortment of maps enhances understanding of history and geography. Assignable Maps include questions; Interactive Maps include clickable content and descriptions; Static Maps display map content; and Google Earth Maps are exercises that make use of the free, downloadable Google Earth application. Also included is free access to HistoryUnbound--interactive, easy-to-navigate modules that bring the past to life through seamless integration of text and context.

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