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Product Details

The Mastering Engineer's Handbook, 3rd Edition

  • ISBN10: 1-305-11668-2

    ISBN13: 978-1-305-11668-9

  • AUTHORS: Bobby Owsinski - ©2015

This third edition of Bobby Owsinski’s classic THE MASTERING ENGINEER’S HANDBOOK is a completely updated, comprehensive manual on the art and science of creating well-mastered recordings. Redesigned and updated to reflect both the latest in technology and recent changes in the ever-evolving marketplace, this new edition of the book covers all the fundamentals, from the history of mastering to prepping your mix, learning the tools of mastering, the mechanics of the mastering process, and the details you’ll need to know when mastering for a variety of output media, including CD, vinyl, online, and more. The book also features Owsinski’s interviews with a number of successful mastering engineers discussing their techniques and tips that will help you master your own music with style and solid technical know-how. Give your music the attention it deserves—give it the benefit of the expertise you’ll find in THE MASTERING ENGINEER’S HANDBOOK, THIRD EDITION.

Additional versions of this product's ISBNs

  • ISBN10: 1305116682

  • ISBN13: 9781305116689



1. The History of Mastering.
2. Monitoring For Mastering.
3. Prepping Your Mix For Mastering.
4. Mastering Tools.
5. The Mechanics of Mastering.
6. Mastering for CD.
7. Mastering for Vinyl.
8. Mastering for Online.
9. Mastering for iTunes.
10. Mastering for Games, Movies and Television.
11. Mastering for High-Resolution.
12. Archiving Your Master.

  • Full Title: The Mastering Engineer's Handbook, 3rd Edition
  • Selling Priority: 30
  • Copyright Year: 2015
  • Item Code: CRE
  • Item Code Description: Core Product
  • Publication Date: 2014-06-19
  • Publisher Code: 161
  • ISBN 13: 9781305116689
  • ISBN 13 Formatted: 978-1-305-11668-9
  • ISBN 10: 1305116682
  • CLAuthorsNames: Bobby Owsinski
  • CLAuthor-LastName: Owsinski
  • ISBN 10 Formatted: 1-305-11668-2
  • CLElectronicProduct: NO
  • CLDimensions: 8 1/2 X 11
  • CLBindingFormat: Paperback
  • CLProductType: Print
  • CLCustom: NO
  • CLSubject: Music Technology
  • EPI: 1064463989155853161919025201714973396
  • Publisher Name: Skills
  • Edition: 3rd
  • Publication Status: Rights Returned to Authors
  • Media Type: Bound Book
  • Bundled With: Other
  • Digital Product Type: Other
  • FreeEbookOption: false
  • CLTaxCategoryCode: BBK
  • Omniture Type: Textbook
  • Duration UofM: D
  • Short Title: The Mastering Engineer's Handbook, 3rd Edition